Jim Peterson talked about The Rotary Foundation Grants.  These are large-long term projects that are at least $30,000.  They must be sustainable.  You need to really know you International Partner and Club.  There Is an International Host sponsor that is a club outside of the country.  There is an individual that is s sponsor.  The grants are within an area of the Seven Areas of Focus. All applications are submitted online at www.rotary.org/grants.  There is no application deadline. In order to qualify for a Grant, you must attend an annual Grant Management Seminar. Other items needed to be completed:  Oversee application, prepare a community needs assessment, project a budget, financing, bank account, project manager, have a measurement and evaluation tool, prepare a report to R. I. two months after grant completed.  Keep very detailed and accurate records. There are three sources of funds for a Global Grant: Cash from clubs and organizations, District Designated Funds, and matching funds from The Rotary Foundation. One Global Grant that our club is doing is Vocational Training Technique VTT the Ponsetti method training project in Argentina.  The International Sponsor is the Rotary Club of Iowa City AM, The Host Sponsor is Rotary Club of Grand Boug D 4805 Argentina.  The project cost $49,749.  Where do you find Global Grants:  Rotary International House of Friendship, Project Fairs, Travel Internationally and try to go to Rotary Clubs in that country. YE, VTT, Friendship Exchanges. 
President Jenny called the meeting to order at 7:05 am.    Can Do Saturday December 17m 2022 at 9:00 a.m.  Theresa needs cookies for Open Heartland, Duty Roster, Sigh up for Christmas Wrapping Christmas Eve.  9-12-12-3-3-6.   Thursday Board meeting 6:45 am. The nominating committee had a slate of three people.  Liz Loeb and Mark Patton for Directors and Vernette Knapp President Nominee.  All three were accepting by consensus Eric Nurnburg  position will be appointed.