Posted by Vernette Knapp on Dec 10, 2019
President Seaba called the meeting to order at 7:05 am.  She asked Peggy Doerge to stand and be thanked for the delightful Chili Super. 
Today was the election for Director for July 1, 2020-Jun 30, 2023.  The candidates were Theresa Burns, Jean Knepper, and Jenney Seylar.  The new Director is Jean Knepper.  President Seaba encouraged people to order off of Amazon Smile to give a donation to Rotary. President Seaba congratulated Tom Novak on his 14 years of being in Rotary on Dec. 15th.  She had a slide showing that form November 18, 2018-November 18, 209.  We have had 10 new members for 14% increase.
The Speaker today was December Program Coordinator Theresa Burns, Office Manager for Iowa Valley Habitat for Humanity,
President Seaba encouraged everyone to go on club runner and update birth date.  R. I. wants to be able to track that Rotary is getting younger members.  She thanked everyone for signing up for Greeter, KP and MOW fro Jan-June, 2020.  We are $200 short for sending Lara to Xicotepec.  PDG Ockenfels said send her and we would get the money. Cabin Fever will be held Jan. 10, 2020 at Bohemian Hotel at 7:00 pm.
Gift Wrap, December 24, 2019 at Coralville Ridge Mall,  No meeting that day.  The points transfer will be complete as soon as we get all the points in from all members. Can sorting Thursday 9:00 am.  Should be a nice day.
Dick Huber announce that the Bike or Hike will be held June 1, 2019 and more info will be out in February.
Nenu has had foot surgery. She goes home today.  Cards will be welcome.
Theresa continued her presentation with she has been with them for 14 years.  It was founded in 1992 with the first house being built in 1994.  The counties served are Johnson, Cedar, and Washington.
A MYTH, Habitat for Habit International funds the affiliates :  Each location is responsible for their own funding.
Home Ownership:  Once you are accepted into the program. Each Adult must contribute 250 hours of sweat equity. There are three to enter the program:  Ability to pay, willingness to partner and need.
The pay a mortgage not to be more than 30% of income and they pay their taxes on the home.
Why Do they Do it:  Because of increasing high rents. How do they do it:  Well constructed , all bldg. codes, high efficiency furnaces, Led lighting, energy star appliance and spray foam.
There is also a program called:  Helping Hands.  This program helps individuals stay in their own homes with modifications being made to the home.
There is Restore where you may donate many items to include cabinets, pluming items, building items, and furniture.
There are trips available to help build homes Internationally.  Theresa has gone to Guatemala and Dominican Republic.