Casey Cook, Program Coordinator, for August introduced the two past immediate past presidents. Amy Nicholson and Hazel Seaba.  Casey asked what were some of the things they remember most during their Presidency.  Amy said taking on projects and keeping eye on the ball.  Hazel said finding new projects , finding a champion, and moving the project forward.  What are the top three important parts of your Presidency.  Amy:  Perfected the Hybrid meetings .  Speakers from around the world.  It was a privilege to serve the Club. 
Hazel:  Decision to shift club dues,  Had to move on line with little warning.  100 percent Paul Harris.  Thanks to many club members who donated points to members.  Hazel also it was a privilege to serve the Club.    Casey felt they were both DG candidates.  He asked their opinions.  Both said an emphatic NO.   Both agreed there was a hugh time commitment.
Hazel felt it was a couples District and that you needed to be a couple in order to run for DG.  Deb Ockenfels said that Jill Olson from 5970 and Jackie Andrew both ran as District Governor on their own.  It can certainly be done. Amy talked about the advantage of attending International Conventions.   Amy said she attend her first International Convention when she was 18 years old.  She talked about the opportunity to meet people from around the world and make friends for life.  She talked about the Rotary Action Groups (RAG).  She said there were may breakout sessions that were very beneficial to all.  She also talked about the House of Friendship and how she helped in the Club Foot Booth. 
President Liz called meeting to order at 7:05 AM.  24 members in room 18 on line.  Deb O announced that John O was in KeystoneFEb  getting items for the window holes for cans. 
President Liz announced that the Rotary Club of Iowa City, West Liberty, and Downtown have all gone to on line meetings.  She announced that Roger Christian had been exposed to the variant from a friend that he went to lunch with that was vaccinated.  Roger will get tested and wait for results.  In the meantime, he will not be at the meetings.   Thanks to Chris Knapp for getting the meeting set up for today.   Liz sent out a motion to the Board on Monday night to see if someone would make a motion to be on line only.  The motion was made and seconded.  Motion carried by 9 to 1.   Liz did a straw poll today and the majority wanted on line meetings.  Effective September 7, 2021 we will meet on line only until further notice. 
Karin Franklin said we need program coordinators for Jan, Feb, March, June.  
Vernette Knapp announced that RLI Rotary Leadership Institute will be held October 30, 2021 at First United Methodist Church in Mt. Pleasant.   The registration is open on the District Website.  The club will pay for 50%of the $85 fee. 
President Liz announced Treasurer, Dean Carrington will be stepping down June 30, 2022.  Anyone interested in being Treasurer notify President Liz.  We need to have someone in training by January, 2022.    We are also looking for a Media Assistant for help with Facebook and other communications for the club. 
We are also looking for a tech assistant to help Roger help set up Hybrid and in his absence will be able to set up.  WE have Chris Knapp, however, he would like another member to help with the process.  
Deb O. announced that John, Jim Peterson and she helped moved some equipment to the new location of Open Heartland.  Deb and John will not be at the meeting Sept. 7th. 
They will supervise the move of Open Heartland to the new location at the old Can Shed building.   John Ockenfels donated $1,000 to the Shoes and Socks Grant.  The Club is trying to match.  Deb said she had $450 to deposit today.  We need enough to make Johns Match.  Please send checks to Deb Ockenfels. 
Greg Probst, Rotary District 6000 Youth Exchange Chair spoke on Youth Programs.  He began with RYLA and compared and contrasted the differences between Grinnell and Coe
This year the team sizes were 1/2 of the size.  The number was what Coe could accommodate.  We were lucky to have a venue to have RYLA.   He looks forward to all the smiles and love at RYLA .  He is also very concerned about Mental Health and Youth.  He is hopeful for Youth Exchange this year.  Interviews will be held in November. There are 2 RYLA students interested.   It could be a tough year since we have been away from it for almost 3 years.
He is working on a Satellite Club with the U of I Rotaract members.  He  has 8 members interested.    Taylor Wertheim and Lisa Troung will help with the club. 
It will be on Monday Evenings. The format has not been decided.  They will probably meet Bi-Weekly.    He is working a proposal to include dues to present to the Board of Directors. 
Meeting adjourned at 8:00 am.