Casey Cook, Program Coordinator for August, introduced Shelley Maharry President and CEO of The Johnson County Community Foundation. What is a Community Foundation? A Community Foundation is a tax-exempt charitable nonprofit organization established to serve a specific geographic region.  Community foundations build funds that support community needs, with a focus on creating endowment funds for the long-term benefit of local charitable projects and programs. Community  foundations are trusted and valuable resources for individuals, families, businesses, nonprofit organizations and professional advisors working to build local philanthropy, and a vehicle for people of all means to make lasting difference in their community. 
Community Foundations Play Three Important Roles:  1.  Work with donors.  A community  foundation grows assets through contributions form many donors.  
Donor-advised agency and scholarship funds allow donors to make contributions to the causes they care about most.  Thee funds are invested by the community  foundation and over time grow to produce greater philanthropic good.
President Liz called the meeting to order at 7:05 am .  The club was led to Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag and 4-Way test. President Liz reviewed the July 21 and August Board meetings.    She announced that Mary Murphy will be Assistant Secretary.   Vernette will begin some initial training with Mary in September.  Dean Carrington will be stepping down as Treasurer in June, 2022.  Anyone interested in becoming the clubs treasurer should notify President Liz and Dean.  The club also needs assistant hybrid person and a social media person. If interested in these positions, please contact President Liz.   The Future fund/Opportunity fund was discussed.  Past President Amy Nicholson will be the chair of that team. 
The Kirkwood Room was the first choice of the membership to for future meetings.  Zion was seconded.  We will stay in the Kirkwood Room until we do not fit. 
Greg Probst will be working on a Satellite club with the Rotaractors.  President Liz discussed the 2021-2022 budget. 
Shelley Maharry continued talking about the roles of the Foundation.  Provide Grants:  Community foundation funds annually distribute grants to support nonprofit and charitable causes in the community.  These grants support a board range of community needs such as arts and culture, health, human services, the environment and community development. 
Serve as Community Leaders:  In addition, community foundations engage in community leadership work to help address some of their region's most pressing issues.  Community leadership work often involves working with other leaders for the business, education, and government sectors to align efforts and leverage resources. 
Endow Iowa Tax Credit Program: Offer a 25% Stage Income Tax Credit to donors who make gifts to an endowed fund at a qualified community foundation in Iowa. 
President Liz had several announcements:  The Warm Soles and Sock grant is underway with order of shoes.  There will be a team club project once the shoes arrive. 
PDG John Ockenfels has contributed $1,000 to the project.  President would like to see a club match of $1,000 for the project. 
There will be a By-Laws vote in September.  MOW has now added a Friday route using the same members as the Tuesday route. 
Food fight:  The club raised $3,852.  Margy Winkler said that she would be getting out the Application for youth volunteers to complete.  There will be four social events this year. 
Next event will be an outdoor Polio event in late October. 
Meeting adjourned at 8:00 am. 
President Liz called the meeting to order at 7:05 am.   She reviewed the July and August Board meetings. Mary Murphy will be the Assistant Secretary.  Dean Carrington will be stepping down as Treasurer in June 2022.  Anyone interested in Treasurer, pleases contact Liz and Dean.  The club is also in need of an Assistant Hybrid and media
causes in the the community.  These grants support a board range of community needs such as arts and culture health, human services.,., the environment, education and community development.