Mark Patton, April Program Coordinator, introduced Dr Liz Loeb.  Liz presentation was on NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness.  The NAMI  virtual walk will be May 22, 2021.  Liz has participated in the walk the last four years.  This year NAMI is hoping to raise $130,000 in donations from the walk. Liz spoke about stress disorders and drug abuse.  70% of the criminal justice system suffers from mental health issues.  45% of jail patients are treated for mental health issues. She said that on PBS it was said that 1000 people are shot by police annually in the U. S. There needs to be more intervention training.
President Amy called the meeting to order at 7:08 am.  Gratitude and Joy was shared by Mark Patton.  He talked about how grateful he was to have family to fall back on.  His time at Habitat for Humanity was very beneficial for his whole life well being.
President Amy said there were three ways members can help our club. 1.  Amazon Smile, 2. Stuff Etc., and Taking cans and bottles to can shed.
She sent out an email on how she would like to see Gratitude and Joy for the rest of the year.  Please sign up.
Deb Ockenfels said there would be a District Grant this year.  The grant will be Warm Souls-Kids sizes 6 up to adult size 4.  She asked if members would support a sock hop to raise funds for socks.  The members agreed this was a great idea.  The team for the grant is PE Liz Nichols, Deb Ockenfels, Deb Dunkhase. The Warm Souls will help:  Open Heartland, Shelter House, DVIP, and Johnson County Protective Services.
Vernette Knapp said that we have collected $1,608.43 for The Bike Ride to End Polio.  Please send checks to Vernette by Saturday.
Mary Murphy was granted a Paul Harris Fellowship today.  Club members had donated points to help her achieve this goal.
The Club is 100% Paul Harris.
PDG  and Foundation Chair Chris Knapp talked about becoming a Paul Harris Fellow and continuing to support The Rotary Foundation to achieve further Paul Harris and he explained that the funds raised through the Annual Fund helps to fund District and Global Grants.
Several members achieved additional Paul Harris pins:  Deb Galbraith +1, John Staley +2, Nancy Stensvang + 2, and Casey +2
Frank Juvan +3, and Roger Christian +5.
Liz continued her presentation two programs.  Free Lunch Program that really was used through the pandemic.  Our Place on South Gilbert pre-pandemic would serve 300 individuals.  Our Place, after the pandemic went virtual and served approximately 80 people.  Family support was gained through this program as well as peer to peer support.
The meeting adjourned with the 4-Way Test at 8:00 am.