Rotary File -  November 11, 2014

Joan Garrity

In honor of Veterans’ Day we paused for a moment of silence, then sang: God Bless America.

President’s Remarks: Mark Patton: Will Rogers jokes, humor about government.

Award: Deb Ockenfels 3-stone Paul Harris Award

Guests: Jan Rowley, VA, guest of Jim Peterson; Deb Galbraith’s guest: David Johnson; Eleanor, a foreign exchange student from Italy

Rotarians in the News: Mark, Habitat; Dave, Halloween; Ann Langenfeld, Dave Johnson, ad for U of I Dental School

Announcements: Tom Novak’s update on Louise is that she will have a very long chemo process. Their two daughters will alternate care over the coming weeks. One suggestion is that gas cards for the girls’ transportation would be a useful gift.

9 AM Thursday: review goals at Myrene’s .

4:30-6PM Thursday: party for children meeting at the Children’s Museum, with coat distribution from 5:30 until 7:30 PM.

6 PM, Monday, Dec. 8, Chili Supper at Peggy Doerge’s, everyone invited.

FAMSCO today: 9 orders of coats to be delivered, over 400 delivered yesterday and more than 300 to be delivered today.

Where in the Rotary World sign-up next week, the more obscure the better.  

Hedy Lamarr, the actress, was also an inventor, in an area related to wifi.

Foundation Dinner: information about Ponsetti method of clubfoot surgery will be presented at the upcoming Rotary International annual convention in Sao Paulo.

Preprogram: Liz Nichols presented on the country of Germany, population 80.6 million people, 4th largest world economy. After the US, Germany has the highest rate of immigration in the world.

Program: Sophie Horstmann, our foreign exchange student is from Germany. Her dad is German and her mother is Japanese. Bielefeld, Northrhine-Westfalia is her home. Sophie has been attending experimental schools in Germany. At younger ages, the school had no formal classrooms, and the students called the teachers by their first name. Classes last one full year, begin at 8:30 AM and end at 4:00. Sophie has traveled and attended classes in several countries. She is a dedicated traveler and hopes to visit all the continents at least once. She loves travel and has been taking English since 3rd grade. She mentioned that most German kids think that New York is the capital of the US. Regarding the Midwest: “No one knows about it,” and her mom calls it Potato Land. Sophie speaks German, Japanese, and English fluently and she has studied French for four years. The strangest thing here in her opinion is our winter…much harder than German winter. Sophie looks forward to seeing San Francisco. Most different for Sophie has been the American school system.