The meeting was opened by President Elect Mark Patton at 7:10.

He immediately called upon Chris Knapp to lead us in song

Sergeant-at-Arms report:  Guests:  Herb Wilson.  All the “P’s” were in attendance! 

Rotarians in the News:  Dave Parsons and City Carton (John O) were in the news.

Announcements:  Gary reminded everyone that dues should get paid up before the end of our year at the end of June.  He also reminded us dues will be going to $165 starting July 1.   Roger mentioned a need for washing with non-magical soap the dishes we dirty (i.e. we need volunteers to wash).

Peggy mentioned a ICPL golf tournament that is a fundraiser for the Library; she also urged volunteers to sign up for year-ender.  Deb D. reminded everyone to bring one item for the silent auction at the year-ender.  Myrene shared that they would be offering up their house near McGregor in the live auction (i.e. come prepared to bid on a high ticket item).  All proceeds from the auction will go to the Polio Eradication Campaign.

Mark asked members to consider volunteering for a week at RYLA as they have more youth signed up than originally anticipated.

June 26 is the board meeting at Waterfront Hy-Vee early in the morning (6:45 a.m.)

Happy Bucks: Pat Schnack was happy to go visit a son in Japan and to be taken to a speciality store there (condoms only).  Deb VanAulken was happy to spend Father’s Day with her father and to report the Lady Football Academy had raised a $1 million in only four years. Jack was happy to have driven around the race track in Newton very fast.  Deb P. was happy to announce the Jack was happy to have driven around the race track in Newton very fast.  Deb P. was happy to announce they were going to visit South Africa.  Herb Wilson was happy to announce they are celebrating their 62nd anniversary.  Liz Loeb was happy to have a 16 day vacation in Ireland.  Dick Huber was happy to have his mom come visit.  Karin was happy to announce that if you order on Amazon under the “” section 5% of the sales goes to charity of your choosing (including District 6000).   Marti was pleased to be entrusted with their grandchildren for 10 days.  Connie was happy for a person with disabilities giving out free backrubs to staff at Hy-Vee.  Carl was happy to be sitting with his sponsor (Herb) and someone he sponsored (Jim P) into our club.  Toby was very happy to have their daughter married off this past weekend.  Mark P said he was happy on Father’s Day to NOT have any of his three grown children living at home.

Program:  Pam Ehly introduced Karen Mason, Curator of the Iowa Women’s Archive who spoke on “Iowa’s Remarkable Women”.

Mary Louise Smith and Louise Noun approached Hunter Rawlings, UI President, in 1990 to see if an Iowa Womens Archive could be started and housed at the University.  He thought it might work but did not have any funding.  Louise Noun came up with the idea of selling off an original Diego Rivera painting she owned, which netted $1.5 million for the Archive. 

She stated that the papers did not come flowing in, but they had to be sought out and patience was needed (one set of personal papers took 16 years before they were donated).  She shared about the Iowa Federation Home at 942 Iowa Ave. which began its life as the “Colored Women’s Home) when blacks were not allowed to live in UI dormitories.  She also told about Virginia Harper, a black woman from Ft. Madison in the early 20th century, whose grandparents had shared stories of when they were slaves.  She also mentioned the Rural Women’s Project which highlights the women’s roles on the farm and the Mujeres Latinas Project in Ft. Madison and Muscatine.  They are also undertaking a Jewish Women in Iowa project to document early Jewish women’s activities in the state.

Volunteers are encouraged to help transfer information into a digital format.

The meeting adjourned at 8 a.m.

Rotary Files are available on the club's home page:

Respectfully submitted by Mark Patton,

Rotary Club of Iowa City A.M.