Presidential Opening

President Patton called the meeting to order at 7:05 am. 

Chris Knapp led us in song:  America and It’s a Small World

President Patton quoted: “What Makes People Happy”

Family and Friends, Helping Co-Workers, To Savor Life Pleasures

Physical Exercise, Deeper attention to ones goals!

The most important, was: “BELONGING TO OUR CLUB’!

Sergeant-at-Arms Report

Guests and Visiting Rotarians: Lisa Lackman and Mikayla Crouch, guests of Nenu Piragine; Carolyn Wanat, guest of Deb Ockenfels; Justin Barry, Andie Lynch, Jim Lynch, Conor Henry, Kris Henry, guests of Chris Knapp; Taylor Kass, guest of Nancy Pacha; Gary Pacha, Iowa City Noon, guest of Nancy Pacha; Mark McAndrews, Rotary Club of West Des Moines; Pat Barron, Rotary Club of West Chester, PA.


President Patton announced that there was a get well card going around for Dean Carrington who had a horrible bicycle accident last Tuesday.  His legs were badly injured.

He is confined to a wheel chair and has gone to work on Monday.

John Mc Kinstry received a Paul Harris fellowship today.

No Rotarians in the news.

President Patton announced that he would like all Past Presidents to come to the meeting next week as they will be honored.

Nancy Pacha introduced two RYLA students that were sponsored by our club for the RYLA Leadership Event:  Taylor and Erin.  They both spoke of their wonderful rewarding experiences.  Mark Mc Andrews from the NW Des Moines club was our guest. He was one of the Rotarian Advisors at RYLA.  Erin spoke of her personal issues in the beginning and that she did not want to go to RYLA.  Her experiences were wonderful.  She learned team support and what a great support system from the counselors.

Taylor spoke of the great support systems, the hugs and the advantage of technology to keep in touch with her new found friends that area now like family. 

Each day was filled from 6:45am-10:30 pm.

The International Where in the World is Lithuania by Pat Schnack.

Lithuania is part of the Baltic States.  It is the largest of the Baltic States with 3 Million people.  In 1941 it was held by Germany, in 1944 it became part of the USSR.  In 1990 Lithuania was more modern than Romania.  In 2004 Lithuania became part of Nato.

Happy Bucks:

Many Rotarians were Happy today.  Celebrations were birthdays, anniversaries, grandchildren, relatives visiting, many trips around the U.S., working barns and not working barns, happy about Mark’s eggs, Janet Koester visiting, other people happy to be visiting.


Chris Knapp co-chair for Rotary Youth Exchange introduced program. He stated that there will be 15 ½ students inbound this year.  The ½ is for the African student that will be coming January.

The program today was the three Rotary Youth Exchange Students who also attended RYLA.  Justin Berry, Andie Lynch, and Erin Probst. Each student spoke about their upcoming year abroad, what they hope to gain from their exchange and the RYLA experience.

JUSTIN is going to Spain north of Madrid sponsored by the Iowa City noon club. He attended West High and graduated early for to be able to do his exchange year.  He hopes to make great life- long friends and have wonder experiences with the culture.   The RYLA experience was full of hugs, ice breakers, team building and leadership skills to give strength and understanding for situations. 

ANDIE is going to Chile staying not far from Santiago.  Andie goes to West High and will come back to finish her senior year.   She hopes to learn the culture and learn the language in the upcoming year abroad.  The RYLA experience brought her new perspective through Rotary to see the world.   The closeness to the team and the leadership skills will be very valuable to her exchange.

ERIN is going to Chile.  She hopes to learn everything about the new culture and relationships.  RYLA taught her to be committed too learning new things about relationships, leadership, and new perspective. She learned how important the group learning experiences.

Members of the club ask about size of teams.  11-12 students

The student room and have meals with someone other than your team members.

Past RYLA attendees from the last two years are the counselors.

Some of the important activities are:  Word of Focus, RAP sessions at the end of the around 10:00 pm. Very powerful sharing.

Wednesday night activity powerful as a group.  “Take a Look Around” What do you want people to know about you?   What don’t you want people to know about you?  What can the teams do to support you?  The RYLA participants all agreed that “Rotary will show you the world”

Gary Pacha made a statement at the end of the meeting.  Thanks to Rotary for Shaping the Lives of these young individuals.  The Future of Rotary!

The meeting adjourned at 8:00 a.m.

Respectfully submitted by:

Vernette K Knapp