This is the newsletter for Iowa City AM Rotary dated July 22, 2014


Mark greeted members with quotes from Yogi Barra. The quotes were too numerous to write down, but here is a sample: “Little league is a good thing because it keeps the parents off the streets.” 

Jack noted that all 9 P’s were in attendance on July 22, 2014.

 Rotary World in a Minute

Malawi- Lalongwe is the capital according to Myrene Hoover.  It is a land-locked country in SE Africa. Malawi has a population of 16.5M and is the “warm” part of Africa.  In 1891 it was colonized by the British and then became part of the Central Africa Federation until 1964 when it became independent.  The country has a low life expectancy because of AIDS and child mortality.  There are 5 Rotary clubs in Malawi. 

Roger needs dishwashers most of Aug and Sept.  Sign up! We need scribes and greeters also. 

Nenu talked about her adventures working on Famsco activities.

Congratulations to Elaine Shalla, Jack Cameron, Myrene Hoover and Joan Garrity who all got various flavors of Paul Harris Fellowship pins. 

Our speaker on July 22 was Jen Jordan who is the Recycling Coordinator for City of Iowa City.  She joined Iowa City after a short stint at Habitat for Humanity. 

Her specific topic was the Rummage in the Ramp taking place July 25-August 3.  Rummage in the Ramp is a 10 day garage sale to keep stuff out of the landfill.  A huge portion of our population moves July 28-30 as leases expire and much and usable stuff ends up at the curb, gets rained on and ruined and then must go to the landfill.  Many neighborhoods, and particularly the residents on the near north side, are in conflict every year over the mess this mass move creates. The Rummage in the Ramp helps alleviate this stressful situation and is a relief on the landfill also.  The Rummage sale took in 30 tons of stuff last year including most types of furniture and clothing. Usable food stuffs were accepted and taken to the Crisis Center.  Last year’s sale raised $20K in 10 days.  The money goes to non-profits and student groups that organize and volunteer at the event. 

Donate shop, pick stuff off curb and bring it to the Chauncey Swan ramp starting Friday, Aug 25 at noon.  The volunteers price the donations and they keep a constant flow of new stuff to look at, so shop often.

The do not take anything that is gross or smells bad and they do not take water beds.  If in Iowa City there is a pick up system with $10 fee to compensate the gas and wear-and-tear on vehicles for the people doing the pickup. 

Jen also talked about the East Side Recycling Center.  They have a pretty good supply of high quality compost right now.  It can be loaded for you, or you can fill yourself and put money in the slot provided for the service.  They sell wood chips that are not the highest quality, but are ok as mulch.  Historic preservation barn, Restore and the education center are also at this location.  The Education Center can be rented out.

Liz Nichols