This week's speaker was Matt Degner, the new Director of Secondary Education for the Iowa City Community School District.
Guests and Visiting Rotarians
Matt Degner-- Speaker
Deb Dunkhase served as president pro tempore for the Sept. 8 meeting.  She talked about the history of the Labor Day celebration in the U.S.
Bryan Clemons let the club know that Ann Romanowski's husband has passed away.  Our condolences go out to the Romanowski family.
Mark Patton has tickets for the Thursday Noon Club's raffle of a Highlander.  See him for tickets.
Brian Adamec had samples and forms for the Nut Sales.  He already has received about 4 cases worth of orders. He organized a group to go to the Noon Club meeting to help sell nuts.
The Month Opener will be held at Donnelly's Pub next Monday evening at 5:15 pm.  Come one and all!
Happy Bucks
Karen Franklin gave away her Joint Service Club luncheon ticket for Oct 1 because of a previous engagement that day.  Brian Adamec was happy about the Regina Fall Fun Fest turnout.  Deb PVA contributed both dollar bills found at the Minnesota State Fair.  Tom Langenfeld was happy to be old enough to receive Social Security.  Jim Peterson was happy that he had a great time on his Colorado backpacking adventure.  Nenu Pirigine returned safely from Argentina, but also had the sad news that the Mendoza Bar has closed.  Liz Nichols spent an enjoyable weekend in Minneapolis getting to know our exchange student from Italy, Lara Celeghin.  Several others also shared Happy Bucks.
Ann Langenfeld introduced Matt Denger, the new Director of Secondary School Programs for ICCSD.  Mr. Denger is glad to be back in Iowa City with his family after years teaching and administering in Williamsburg, Bettendorf and elsewhere.  He also served as the Southeast Junior High principal for two years before taking on the secondary schools directorship, the role Pam Ehly held before him, and he is doing his best to maintain and expand upon the great foundation that Pam laid. 
While Mr. Denger admits that the state budgetary process has left some holes in the ICCSD programs and makes it tough to plan ahead, the teacher leadership program is one accomplishment at the state level that has been a great benefit to Iowa City schools.  ICCSD received $4M to build capacity for teachers to lead.  He also mentioned as highlights in the programs he helps to administer the teacher mentoring program, the cultural competency team and the innovation specialists appointed among district staff.  The opening of the Kirkwood Regional Center has been another recent highlight for the educational system because of the great collaborative effort between Kirkwood, the University of Iowa and ICCSD to build a career academy program, and architectural and engineering academies for students who want to try out certain technical fields before they need to commit to specific programs in college.
There were many questions to follow up with Mr. Denger's presentation, including some on the Facility Master Plan and the election for school board in progress on Sept. 8.