Posted by Liz Nichols on Oct 09, 2018
AM Rotary's exchange student, Cristina Cinotto (prounounced "Chinawto") was the Oct 9 speaker.
Visiting Rotarians and Guests
Paul Nichols-- Downtown RC
Cristina Cinotto-- Exchange Student
Casey Cook is undergoing therapy at St Luke's from 9 am to 3 pm every weekday and sometimes on weekends.  He is continuing to improve from his stroke.  Check out the CaringBridge page for Casey for regular updates from Kate.  Amy Nicholson is hoping to add features such as driving schedule for his therapy as he gets into out-patient care and Kate requires some respite so she can return to work.
Ann Romanowski passed around the Oct 24 sign-up for the Polio Awareness Social.  She noted that there is a 1 for 1 match initiated by a member of the Downtown Club, and there is also a 2 for 1 match provided by the Gates Foundation for all the proceeds from this day's event.  It will be from 6 to 7:30 at the new Midwestone Bank building penthouse, which is the regular location for the Downtown RC.  Ann R. could use some help with set-up and take-down, as well as help with appetizers. Everyone plan on donating at least $25 per person and BYOB.  This is a World Polio event sponsored by Rotary to honor the birthday of Jonas Salk, the inventor of the polio vaccine.
Vernette Knapp announced the Bike Ride to End Polio Nov 11-17.  You can participate in an actual bike ride or you can count miles on a stationery bike.  See Vernette by Nov 2 to sign up for either over-the-road or stationery bike ride participation.
Nancy Pacha indicated that the 5th Ward Saints North group we sponsored through our last Trivia Night is looking for volunteers to help at risk students with the after school program at Roosevelt Education Center 1 after school period a week for eight weeks.  Volunteers will help with mentoring, homework help, arts or sports programs.  Contact
Our speaker from the Iowa City Police Dept., Officer Ashton Hayes, mentioned a need for support for an Iowa female police officer conference that will be held in Iowa City in March.  The group receives no public funds for their conferences and other events for female police officers.  Dick will publish in the Monday Message the contact information to support that group.
Pat Schnack has moved and is giving away many of her orchids.  Week after next she will bring a box of them to give away if you're interested.
Once again, there were a variety of Happy Buck moments shared, including a number contributed with good thoughts for Casey's improving condition.
Cristina Cinotto is from Torino, Italy, which is in the mountainous north of the country near the border with France.  She showed stunning pictures of her city which has many beautiful historic buildings, beautiful mountain scenery surrounding the town, and a spectacular and artistic light presentation during winter.  Cristina's mother is a tour guide who travels a lot especially to Asian countries to accompany groups of tourists.  Her father is a professor and a writer at the local university.  Her brother was an exchange student in Arizona a few years ago and is now at university in London.  He has taught English classes in China and has traveled the world.
Cristina, who turns 17 this month, is attending West HS where she is taking a full curriculum with the intention of actually graduating from West, and then again, after her 5th year of high school, from her school in Italy.  In Italy she is attending an arts-oriented high school and plans to pursue the arts when she attends university.  Her class schedule at West includes World Literature (her hardest course), Algebra II, American Studies, Economics, Phys Ed, and a couple art-related classes.  What she finds most surprising about school in this country is how important and integrated sports are in the curriculum as well as the culture of school.  In Italy, it is separate from school and something she would participate in maybe three times a week after school. 
Cristina is getting involved in social service activities as well and is an active member of West High Interact.  She was very interested in the recent presentation by Jim Peterson and Hazel Seaba about Xicotepec and will be checking to see if she can sign up for it.  She is also a great package wrapper and will be happy to sign up for our gift wrapping day at the Mall Dec 24 if her host family is in town.  She will also be happy to help with can sorting, if those coming to do sorting from the west side of town can arrange to give her a ride on occasion.