Posted by Liz Nichols on Nov 01, 2017
Today's speaker was District Governor, Mike Ruby.
AM Rotary President Phil Peterson and DG Mike Ruby
Visiting Rotarians and Guests
Mike and Joanne Ruby-- Rotary Club of Muscatine
Victoria Morozov-- Guest of Mark Patton
Gerianne Schaefer-- Guest of Amy Nicholson
Thank yous:  To Dick Huber for subbing for Phil for two weeks.  To Ann Romanowski for organizing the successful Polio Plus event.  To Jim Peterson for matching contributions to the Polio Plus event.
The Board decided that when we have a 5th Tuesday meeting Val Martin will be the caterer.  Val has also agreed to make both French eggs and plain eggs available.
Those who wish to help with Can Sorting, meet at the Restore at 9 am on Saturday, Nov 4.  There will also be a little work available that morning on the play house for our playground project.
Let Jean Knepper know if you would like to be put on the Meals on Wheels rotation for 2018.
Deb Galbraith has written to two Rotary clubs in the Santa Rosa, CA area and received updates on effects of the fires on that community.  Mike Messier also mentioned that he knows someone who lost a medical clinic in Santa Rosa that served 26000 mostly needy patients. There is firerelief fund information on the District 5130 website.  Phil mentioned that there is a district committee that looks to the best use of HEF funds for disasters.  It is best to give funds to HEF just labeled for disaster relief and then it can be distributed to meet the needs that will have the most long term impacts as identified by Rotarians and officials on the ground in each disaster area.
On a couple of sad notes, John Ockenfels' father passed away, and we also lost a former member, Don Canfield.
Mike Ruby asked that the following message be distributed to all members:
Greetings to the Members of the Rotary Club of Iowa City A.M.,
It was good to be in your club again to renew friendships with many of your members and to meet several Rotarians for the first time.  Your club is friendly and inviting, and clearly focused on serving others.  Since 1989 your club has demonstrated an outstanding Service Above Self commitment to others and you are doing so many things right!  The Kirkwood Room appears to be an excellent venue for you; good location, great parking, good food. 
What a great turnout of board members on Monday evening at Phil & Barb Peterson’s beautiful home.  The fantastic dinner provided by Barb was awesome.  That lady knows how to cook!  Their home provided a relaxed, informal environment for a very productive board meeting.  It is clear you have board members who are committed to Rotary and are open to trying new things to not only grow the club in numbers but to make it stronger and healthier.  Several of the board members took notes during the meeting so hopefully in the coming weeks you will review the suggestions and guidelines that were presented.  As Rotary International President Ian Riseley has repeatedly stated, you are encouraged to try most anything in your club if you believe it will make it stronger and better. Take his words literally and try out new formats and activities.
You have a strong lineup of past, current, and future club presidents as well as a solid board.  In addition, you have several excellent leaders that help make for a strong club.  Many of these members serve on district committees so you have the advantage of seeing and hearing about the bigger picture of Rotary.  In addition, your club has a well-balanced mix of community projects as well as international ones … M.O.S.T., Xicotepec, RAG4ClubFoot, World Bicycle Relief, and  Rotary Youth Exchange, just to mention a few.  Thank you!
Hopefully, many of your members will attend one of the Toast to Rotary District 6000  events that will be held the weekend of April 12-14, 2018 at 5 different locations throughout the district.   The one closest to you will be held on Friday, April 13 at the Radisson in Coralville from 11:00 – 2:30.  Another option is the Thursday evening, April 12 event at the Steeplegate in Davenport from 5:30 – 9:00.  Mark your calendars now to attend one of these events.  Your support is needed to make this pilot a homerun success.  More detailed information about the Toast will be in the December newsletter, along with the registration form.
Thank you for your support of The Rotary Foundation, the crown jewel workhorse of Rotary, that makes life better for millions of people throughout the world.  As mentioned in my presentation, hopefully some of your members will give serious consideration to include The Rotary Foundation in their estate planning.  It is a fantastic way to continue “planting people” in perpetuity long after one’s death.  It is such a simple process to do: fill out the short form in the Your Rotary Legacy brochure, send one copy to Rotary headquarters, give a copy to your attorney, keep a copy for yourself.  It is evident that many of your  members understand the importance of The Rotary Foundation and willingly support it.  Thank you!
Suggested areas for the club to focus on this year include:
  • Beef up the orientation and club involvement for new members to get them well informed and engaged early.  We discussed this at the board meeting.
  • Encourage the Membership Committee to focus on 2 separate priorities, a) attracting and inviting new members, and b) encouraging current club members to be engaged as well as nurturing them.  It is vitally important for members to know you care.
  • Continue implementing the 3 goals of the Rotary International President Ian Riseley: a) report volunteer hours and b) money spent this year on projects in the name of your club. and c) plant 1 tree for each of the members in the club.  A big pat on the back for your 746 service hours to date this year.  Way to go!
  • Consider the “Drive Carefully” signs that were discussed at the board meeting to increase your club visibility
  • As you continue to grow in size (a great problem to have) keep your eyes open for a larger meeting venue.
  • Select a President-Nominee (for 2019-20) no later than January 1, 2018.  Encourage the PN to attend NCPETS in Rochester, March 8-10 along with President-Elect Dick Huber.
How can you farm your “Rotary soil” a little deeper this year?  When that happens your club will be stronger, healthier and more vibrant.  Also, don’t forget to share the newsletter with others when you are finished with it and remember to give non-Rotarian visitors and speakers a copy of the newsletter so they can learn more about the wonderful world of Rotary.  Interact and RYLA students can also benefit from the newsletter and, thanks to Rotarian Jim Peterson’s suggestion, submit articles to Bill Tubbs, newsletter editor, to showcase some of the fantastic activities of your club. 
The club’s youth involvement with RYLA and Rotary Youth Exchange is commendable.  Your strong focus on youth keeps your club’s perspective young and fresh.  Your investment of time and money in the youth demonstrates a Service Above Self commitment to them and sets a wonderful example.
A big, well-deserved pat on the back for the RC of Iowa City A.M.  Your support and interest in the World Bicycle Relief project is very much appreciated.  Remember, this is also a really cool way for Interact students to get involved in a global project.  Any funds they raise should be funneled through your Rotary club.  Take advantage of the 1:1 matching grant World Bicycle Relief is offering for all donations received between November 1 – December 31
Remember, your Assistant Governor and fellow club member, Peggy Doerge, and I are fully committed to give you the support you deserve.  We are happy to be your coach, mentor and cheerleaders.  Please do not hesitate to call on us anytime as it is a joy for us to work with clubs like yours.  You have a Service Above Self mentality and it shows. 
It is a privilege to serve as your District Governor.  Together, as a team, we definitely can implement this year’s theme of Rotary; Making a Difference.  Your club is an important part of the District 6000 Rotary Family and you can be very proud to be a member of the Rotary Club of Iowa City A.M.
Mike Ruby
District Governor