Bob Oppliger was the guest speaker; his topic was biking (or walking) as a form of exercise
Presidential opening:
President Dunkhase addressed the importance of club membership and noted that club decisions are made in the best interest of members. Three new nominees this week include Rachel Marquart, Cathy Bowers and Kade Hammes (formerly a West Des Moines club member). The club repeated the four way test aloud.
Guests and Visiting Rotarians:
Bob Oppliger – Guest of Tom Langenfeld
Mafer Morales – Guest of Deb Dunkhase
John Lee – Guest of Nancy Pacha
Rachel Marquardt – Guest of Tom Novak
  • Chris Knapp reminded club members of the Annual Rotary Foundation Banquet, Coralville Radisson, 5:45-9:00pm November 5, 2016. October 31 is the deadline to register.
  • Cocktails and a social hour followed by dinner and a program. See more at:
  • Deb Ockenfels explained the point system of the Rotary Foundation.  Deb offered a challenge to  new members to gain Paul Harris recognition as our club is a 100% Paul Harris Club.
  • A card is being sent to member Pat Schnack who has recently been ill.
  • Community Foundation grants funded by ICAM have been announced. Awardees include Elder Services, Meals on Wheels and a United Way literacy project
  • On Friday, October 28, there will be a road trip to Evanston, IL, international office of Rotary International.
  • Myrene Hoover addressed upcoming officer elections. On November 15th, nominations will be made and on December 13th the election will be held (president and directors of the board). If club members are unable to serve an office, please notify Myrene or Mark Patton or Liz Nicols by November 4.
  • Ron Logsden is coordinating nomination for the Rotary Person of Integrity Award. Share recommendations for honorees with Ron.
Happy Bucks:
18 club members shared happy bucks.
Bob Oppliger was the guest speaker; his topic was biking (or walking) as a form of exercise.
He and many other community members are promoting a bike friendly community for the sake of a) the community, b) local business, and 3) to be recognized by an outside organization.
A bike friendly community involves having streets friendly to bike riders and having trails available for bikers; often the result is that biking becomes a part of the culture of a community. Biking is considered feasible if one is within three miles of most needed destinations.
There are six locally owned bike shops in the Iowa City area.
A local group of bike supporters are seeking a status of silver or gold. Such a status encourages 1) bike safety, 2) bike education, and 3) bike culture.
The meeting adjourned at 8:00a.m.
Respectfully submitted by Pam Ehly