Posted by Vernette Knapp on Nov 28, 2017
Chris Knapp was the speaker.  His topic was the Rotary Foundation.
Visiting Rotarians and Guests
Marie Hassel-- Guest of Deb Dunkhase
Gerianne Schaeffer-- Guest of Amy Nicholson
Teams are being formed for the Trivia Night to be held in January.  Form teams of four and get the team member names to Kate Sojka or Amanda McFadden. The details of the event will be available soon on the website.
Peggy Doerge will host the annual Chili Dinner at her home on Monday, December 4.  BYOB or corn bread.
Jack Cameron and Deb Dunkhase are coordinating the Christmas present wrapping project at the CoralRidge Mall on December 24.  Sign up for a block of time to help with the wrapping.  We will get the proceeds from wrapping for our community projects.
Hazel Seaba indicated that the dictionaries are ready to deliver to schools.
Dick is working on a redesign of our Rotary display for the district conference.
Nancy Pacha said that club members contributed a total of $2,345 toward RYLA support.  This is above and beyond the amount that the budget could support without the extra fundraising.
There were many happy bucks contributed.
Chris Knapp rounded out a month of programs on the Foundation with a timeline of what has happened to the Foundation over time.  It was founded 100 years ago by Arch Klumph with a total of $26.50.  By 2017 the total has grown to $3 billion. 
Chris showed a video on the history of the Rotary Foundation.  In 1930 there was an emphasis on helping children.  In 1947 global understanding and peace became a priority as well as scholarships.  In 1965 global project grants and Group Study Exchange were added.  Now in place of GSE the Foundation supports Vocational Training Teams.
The areas of focus for Rotary Foundation grants are the six areas:
--Promoting peace and conflict resolution;
--Education and literacy;
--Mother maternity and child health;
--Economic relief;
--Clean water;
--Disease prevention and treatment.
Chris indicated how much is in the Endowment Fund and how district matches work.
On December 12 we will hold elections.  We will select 3 directors from a slate of 6:  Karin Franklin, Tom Langenfeld, Amanda McFadden, Mike O'Leary, Kate Sojka and Margie Winkler.  We will select 1 to be our President-Elect between Amy Nicholson and Hazel Seaba.