Amanda McFadden led an interactive session on defining our Rotary elevator speech and determining what jazzes each of us up about Rotary and the AM Club. 
Visiting Rotarians and Guests
Maria Fernanda Morales Afie-- Guest of Deb Dunkhase
John and Deb Ockenfels auctioned off tickets to the Nebraska-Iowa game.  Casey Cook bought them for $175 donation to the RI Foundation.  Thank you, Casey!
We were honored to induct Rachel Marquardt into the club.  Her sponsor is Tom Novak.  Rachel is an attorney with Lynch Law Office.  In high school she was an active member of West High Interact.
Members filled out nomination forms for Director and President-Elect.  The final elections will be held as soon as nominees can be confirmed.
Amanda McFadden, our club's social media specialist, requested assistance in filling out some of the details to improve our social media presence.  She had each member fill out forms giving the items they would include in an elevator speech explanation about what Rotary is all about.  We also put down what jazzes us up individually about Rotary.