Deb Dunkhase talked about Iowa MOST at the May 9 meeting.
Visiting and Guests
Jane Cranston-- Guest of Nancy Stensvaag
HD Hoover-- IC Noon RC
Deb Ockenfels gave a Foundation Minute to inform the group that at District Conference attendees have contributed the equivalent of 8898 doses of polio vaccine and with matches that number jumps to almost 26700 doses.  Chris Knapp said in dollar terms a total of over $45,000 was raised at the auction during District Conference, with matches, for Polio Plus.  He also mentioned the statue that is being commissioned to commemorate the giving of polio vaccine drops to children around the world.  The quilt that Deb Ockenfels made and donated to the district will be hung in a prominent location in Des Moines.  Both projects are meant to publicize Rotary's role in ending polio.  Anyone wishing to donate can send funds to District 6000 HEF tagged for polio plus.  You will earn points toward the Paul Harris Sustaining Member or other donor levels as appropriate.
Many other attendees at conference spoke about the excellent organization, thanks to people like Nancy Pacha, Deb Pullin-Van Aucken, Myrene Hoover, Dick Huber, and others, who kept the conference on track and got out publicity about the successful conference.  More than 30 AM members attended and/or helped out at the Conference.  Highlights included presenting the Guardians of Integrity award to Nancy Pacha, much to her surprise, and the presentation of a thank you placque to D6000 Rotarians for all the assistance given to Xicotepec.  Several members of the Xicotepec Rotary Club attended to present this award.
Deb Dunkhase mentioned that the conference next year will be split into 5 separate half-day events across the state and the cost will be $49 for each.  The intent is to encourage more local members to attend a district conference.
RYLA needs more Rotarian volunteer leaders.  Training is June 24 and the event is July 15-21 in Grinnell.  Check the District site to apply for one of these spots.
Mark Patton passed out information on the 2nd Annual Miniature Golf Tournament on Monday, June 5th from 5-6 pm at Colonial Lanes.  Groups of 3 will be assigned a starting spot between 5 and 5:15. Pay $10 per player and bring money for side-bets.  It is these bets that will determine the fund-raising power  of this event.
Liz Nichols passed out blurbs about our need for Youth Exchange host families for 2017-18. We will be sponsoring a young lady from Spain at City High and need at least two more families.  Please post these notices on work and church bulletin boards and have interested individuals contact Liz Nichols as soon as possible.
Deb Dunkhase showed slides of the most recent IA MOST mission to Huehuetanango, Guatemala.  There were many heart-warming stories of children who's lives have been transformed by cleft palate surgeries.  Now the team is expanding to other surgical areas including tonsillectomies, ear tubes and, in the future, cataract surgery.  Other projects include taking dental exams, flouride treatments and de-worming to remote mountain villages, building schools and stocking school libraries in these villages.  One village school will be outfitted with a field bathroom in the near future. 
To help IA MOST raise funds AM Rotary and otheers throughout the district support the project with a small annual donation.  Individuals can help by purchase of fresh salmon at $22 per pound.  Orders are to be in batches of 25 or 50 lbs.  Of each pound paid $10 will go to IA MOST.  Checks or credit card numbers are accepted with the order form.  Orders are due by June 30.  See Deb Dunkhase to order.