The speaker was Public Defender and immigration attorney, Julia Zalenski who talked about the Eastern Iowa Community Bond Project and "Immigration Detention in Iowa."
Visiting Rotarians and Guests
Dan Kramer-- Guest of John Ockenfels
Rachel Volkmeier, Ella Hennager, Michelle Tran-Duong, Jill Humston, Ava Otoadese, and Addy Smith-- City High Interact and guest of Carolyn Wanat
Julia Zalenski-- Speaker
Many members raved about the Trivia Night.  Thanks go to Amanda McFadden and Kate Sojka for organizing the event and to Casey Cook for being our MC.  Thanks also to our sponsors, including University of Iowa Community Credit Union, Brown Street Inn and the Clarion.  Congratulations to Chris and Vernette Knapp's PDG table for winning the "Light of Knowledge" Rotary table award and to Frank Juvan's Hills Bank table for being first place winner and Deb Pullen-Van Aucken's table for being third place winner.  The non-profits, Elder Services and Fifth Ward Saints North will each get about $1200 from the event and our own programs will get about $600 from the net profits.
Dick Huber announced that he is working on a community grant request with the Neighborhood Centers and will be going to the Board for approval this Thursday.  Our playground project just needs one more Saturday morning of work to be completed.  Let Mark Patton know if you are interested in helping.
Mike Messier reminded members that next Monday is the Community Fund golf tournament.  He will send out email in the next day or two giving assignments to those who volunteered.
Dick Huber will be passing around a sign up for helpers for the June 2 bike ride and TAKO event to take place from 8 to noon that day at the North Liberty Centre Pond.  The event is being put on by all four Rotary Clubs in the area.  There will be snacks and lunch provided.
Mark Patton will be doing a sign-up for regular shifts for can sorting at both North Dodge and Eastside sites. There are lots of cans to sort now that Republic is not available for can drop-off and it is a great opportunity for the club to make money like it did in the past on can recycling.
Peggy Doerge said that the four area clubs are looking into what it would take to be able to march as Rotary in various area parades.
Rotarians in the News:  Dave Parson's latest Press Citizen article was praised.
There were many Happy Bucks shared for Trivia Night; the West Liberty Rotary Gala (which raised $80,000!); the IWF Ovation issue which featured Karin Franklin and the wives of Brad Langguth and Casey Cook; the upcoming Healthy Kids Walk; and many more happy events.
Mark Patton introduced Julia Zalenski, an attorney who spends her days as a Public Defender and her free time as an Immigration Attorney for the Eastern Iowa Community Bond Project.  The project helps immigrants who have been detained by ICE to obtain bonds.
This is a particularly significant issue for immigrant detainees because the bond for them is 100% while for criminals in the regular justice system bond is 10%.  Being bonded makes a significant difference in the ability of these immigrants to successfully defend against deportation and makes a huge difference to the well-being of their families.  About 40% of detainees have dependents younger than 18 at home.  The American Academy of Pediatrics reports there is very significant negative impact for kids and their parents when a parent is detained long-term and/or deported.
Even before the latest ICE raid in Mt Pleasant there were 783 new cases of immigrants arrested by ICE for the Omaha Immigration Court in 2018.  While Mexico has the largest number of detainees as country of origin, it is by no means the only country.  Guatemala has the next largest number of detainees.
About 160,000 Iowa residents are immigrants.  About 60,000 of these are naturalized citizens.  Nearly 60,000 Iowans live with someone who is undocumented.
The Mt Pleasant raid caused 32 suspected undocumented immigrants to be arrested.  There are 26 children affected by these arrests, including one child who was made an orphan by the detention of that child's one remaining parent.  In none of these situations is there any charge brought based on criminal activity.
Of detainees 68% of those who are bonded do find a way to gain lawful status to remain in the U.S.  Only 14% of those who are detained are able to get legal representation.  Representation makes a big difference in determining whether the individual will be successful in fighting deportation.