This meeting featured presentations by our exchange student, Sophie Horstmann, from Germany and the student hosted by IC Noon Club, Eleonora Cherubini.


Report by Sergeant at Arm: Jack Cameron

Kris Henry-- guest of Chris Knapp

Pat Barron--Westchester PA Rotary

Doug Peterson--Quad Cities Rotary

Eleonora Cherubini and Sophie Horstmann--Youth Exchange students

Edna Probst--guest of Greg Probst and Eleonora Cherubini

Gregorio Sanchez--guest of Hazel Seaba

Mel Schlachter-- IC Noon

Elliott Soemadi-- guest of Andreas Soemadi


A photograph was shared in the Ovation magazine that contained women of Rotary.

The year ender planning committee will meet soon; the event will be June 30 at the North Pavilion in Coralville.

Goodwill will start sorting cans on behalf of our Rotary Club today with the Can Shed.

Nepal donations may be made to the HEF humanitarian fund; donations from the club of $1,120 have been made to date. Containers are being filled and ready for delivery.

Next Monday, May 18th, is the Johnson County Foundation golf tournament fundraiser.

Nan Johnson announced the Interact scholarships given to a student at West High and City High.

Program: Exchange Student Sophie Horstmann and Eleonora Cherubini

Sophie is from Germany, her home town is Bielfeld near Duesseldorf. She has been in Iowa City for 275 days. Her experiences have left her changed and more confident; she attends City High School which is much bigger than the school she attended in Germany; the schedule is very different in in Germany, the school does not host extra-curricular activities. She has found the weather in Iowa much more varied. During her visit to the US, she has visited Minneapolis, Chicago, Washington, DC, Pittsburgh, Omaha, and next month she will take the US bus tour. Other highlights of her year were seeing the Butter Cow at the State Fair, school homecoming, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, Hawkeye football game, high school prom, and soon to come, high school graduation.

A special thanks to each of the host families was given by Sophie. She noted that she made good friends while in Iowa. Deb Galbraith was her counselor and she was always there for Sophie. Sophie expressed her gratitude to Rotary for hosting her.

Eleonora Cherubini, the exchange student hosted by the noon Rotary club, spoke for a moment as well. Getting her Visa was an ordeal; the flight to the US was hard because of having to say good-bye and because she was doing all this alone. She felt welcomed from the moment she met her host parents departing the airplane.  Like Sophie, she too feels more confident.  Eleonora thanked the club for all they have done for her, even though AM is not technically her host club.

Happy Bucks:

Numerous Happy Bucks were shared.

The meeting adjourned at 8:00a.m.

Respectfully submitted by Pam Ehly