At the meeting on March 31 our speakers were Jenifer Secrist and Emma Guthart who talked about the One Nation Education foundation Jenifer started following the earthquake disaster in Haiti and the trips they have taken subsequently with many supporters to help rebuild homes and schools, provide safe water, and give children a faith--based summer camp experience.


Guests and Visiting Rotarians:

Corentin Nogueo - guest of Val Martin

Jenifer Secrist - guest of Joan Garrity and Speaker

Emma Guthart - guest of Joan Garrity and Speaker

Eleonora Cherubini - Rotary Youth Exchange



Margy Winkler-- Greeter, MOST benefit

Dave Parsons-- Scribe

Rebecca Schultz-- Clean-up; Grant Management; District Assembly

John Schultz-- Cleanup; Grant Management Seminar; District Assembly

Pat Schnack-- Meals on Wheels, MOST benefit; Rotary Women photo

Nancy Stensvaag-- Rotary Women photo; MOST benefit

Deb Pullin-Van Aucken-- District Conference Planning

Mike Messier-- Conference Planning Meeting

Myrene Hoover-- Noon Club; District Assembly

Chris Knapp-- Grant Management Seminar; District Assembly

Vernette Knapp-- Grant Management Seminar; District Assembly, Rotary Women photo

Karin Franklin-- District Conference Planning; MOST benefit; Rotary Women photo

Jim Peterson-- Xicotepec Rotary Club three times; Downtown Rotary

Kris Ockenfels-- District Grant Final Report; Home Hospitality tech support

Liz Nichols-- District Assembly; Rotary Women picture

Nancy Pacha-- West High Interact; MOST benefit: Rotary Women photo; District Assembly; District Conference Planning

Nanu Piragine-- Rotary Women picture; District Assembly

Deb Dunkhase-- PETs; Noon Rotary

Deb Ockenfels-- Rotary Women picture; Board Meeting; District Grant Final Report; District Conference Planning; MOST benefit

Bree Neyland-- Interact

Brad Langguth-- Meals on Wheels

Nan Johnson-- Rotary Women photo

Peggy Doerge-- District Conference Planning; Rotary Women photo

Deb Galbraith-- Rotary  Women photo and dinner



Myrene filled in for what’s his name (Mark?), who was off again for some reason.

Pam Ehly and Jack Cameron were Rotarians in the News.

World in a Minute:

Rebecca Schultz did our rotary minute on Zimbabwe.   The Republic of Zimbabwe is a landlocked country located in southern Africa, between the Zambezi and Limpopo rivers. It is bordered by South Africa to the south, Botswana to the southwest, Zambia to the northwest and Mozambique to the east. The capital and largest city is Harare.

What is now Zimbabwe was historically the site of many prominent kingdoms and empires, as well as a major route for migration and trade. The present territory was first demarcated by Cecil Rhodes' British South Africa Company during the 1890s, becoming the self-governing colony of Southern Rhodesia in 1923. In 1965 the conservative white minority government unilaterally declared independence as Rhodesia. The unrecognized state endured international isolation and a 15-year guerrilla war with black nationalist forces; this culminated in a peace agreement that established universal enfranchisement and de jure sovereignty in April 1980.

An ethnically diverse country of roughly 13 million people, Zimbabwe has 16 official languages, with English, Shona and Ndebele being most common. President Robert Mugabe is head of state and government, and commander-in-chief of the armed forces. Renowned as a champion for the anti-colonial cause, Mugabe is also viewed as authoritarian, responsible for Zimbabwe's problematic human rights record and substantial economic decline. He has held power since 1980: as head of government until 1987, and head of both state and government since then. There are four Rotary clubs in Zimbabwe.


More Announcements:

Mike Messier reminded Rotarians that April 16 -18 will be the district conference.  Spots for the social on Thursday night at the antique car museum are filling up fast. This is the conference to learn about clean water – there will be several sessions about it.  Register at

Liz Nichols announced that scribing and greeting will now count as make-ups.

Deb Dunkhase says Noodles downtown will contribute 25 percent of all sales this evening to MOST.  Deb is our new coordinator for this project.

Karen Franklin was selling raffle tickets in advance of the district conference to support the youth services fund.

Deb Ockenfels showed samples of the quilt that will be auctioned off at the conference.



Joan Garrity introduced Jennifer Secrest, a science and biology teacher at West High School.  Jennifer recently founded a nonprofit called One Nation Education (ONE).

In July 2014, ONE traveled with a short-term mission team to Gonaives, Haiti "loving our brothers and sisters".  ONE Mission Starfish Haiti created life changing moments as they walked into one of the poorest corners of the globe and found an abundance of happiness and unconditional love.  Its first mission team of 25 people consisted of 8 adults, 8 young adults, and 9 youth. During its week-long mission it ran a Vacation Bible School for the children of Mission Starfish Haiti, fed the hungry, and built many wonderful relationships. 

For more information, visit