Posted by Liz Nichols on Mar 19, 2019
The speaker was David Rust, board member for TRAIL (Tools and Resources for Active Independent Living).
Guests and Visiting Rotarians
David Rust-- Speaker
Seth Talbot-- Guest
David Spanier-- IC Noon
Sign up $20 per person for the Mini-Golf Tournament and Club fundraiser to be at Colonial Lanes on Monday, April 1 at 5:15.  This event replaces the Month Opener for the month of April.  The Brazilian visitors will receive the proceeds of Happy Bucks to help toward their participating in Mini-Golf.
April 5th is our next Trivia Night at the Highlander Clarion.  Work on signing up teams for this event as well.  The co-sponsor and beneficiary of the funds raised for this event is the Antelope Lending Library.  While Antelope is not done fund-raising for a new vehicle, Cassi Elton was proud to announce that Antelope Lending Library will receive their new vehicle this coming weekend.  It cannot come soon enough as it appears the engine on the old vehicle has given out.
Save these dates:  May 20 to volunteer at the JC Community Foundation Golf Tournament at Brown Deer; Saturday June 15 at Terry Trueblood Park for the Rotary Bike Ride fundraiser. 
Rotarians in the News
Dave Parsons has an article out about digital music.
Happy Bucks
Deb Dunkhase is back after 8 weeks away.  The meeting topic will be IA MOST next week.
Tom Novak's son-in-law will have his residency in Los Angeles rather than Minneapolis as originally expected.
Several members gave bucks for the great tournament standings of the Cyclones and the Iowa women's basketball teams especially.
Casey Cook is celebrating because he can now do bill paying using his right hand.
Dan Kramer got to officiate at a wedding for the first time.
David Rust took an interest several years ago in forming a program to help seniors live independently in a development close to downtown Iowa City and quickly discovered that the high cost of housing in the downtown area was prohibitive.  Instead, he and others joined another senior independent living movement in the area called Village to Village Network and they formed the non-profit, TRAIL, Tools and Resources for Active Independent Living.  There are around 200 Johnson County members.
This organization provides occasional volunteer assistance to help members get to appointments and meetings, to do daily check-ins, to help with small home and yard projects, and to further social and educational opportunities among members.  They provide a list of vetted service providers in the areas of home care assistance, handyman services and other light home repair needs, lawn care, house and pet sitters, etc.  The group maintains an active calendar of events for its members.  The object is to keep seniors active and able to stay independent in their own homes longer.  The cost of full membership is $45/mo. for singles and $60/mo. for households.  There is an affiliate membership level available and there are a few full or reduced fee scholarships available each year.
Find out more at the TRAIL website, by calling at 319-800-9003, emailing to, or visiting them at room 201 at the Senior Center in Iowa City.