Paula Mompio, Youth Exchange Student from Catalonia, Spain, talked about her year in Iowa City and Kelly Teeslink, Executive Director of Girls on the Run, of Eastern Iowa
Guests and Visiting Rotarians:
Paula Mompio , Edna Probst, Claire and Bob Ashman, Kelly Teeslink-Speaker, Tom and Izzy Paulsen
Daily Duty:  Chris Knapp, KP Casey Cook, Meals on Wheels Hazel Seaba
Casey requested an 8:00 am start for can sorting at North Dodge on Saturday June 9th.
Ann Langenfeld requested that the program list be completed. Dick will have several meetings on dealing with disabilities.
Vernette announced that 7 jars of salsa and 2 bags of coffee were sold at the Bike Race fundraiser Saturday total $97.00
Year-Ender June 15th at Ann Romanowski house, pot luck and bring your favorite beverage.
Dick announced that the Bike Ride Fundraiser raised $1,169.24 World Bike $584.52 and TAKO $584.52 need $3.38 to be able to buy 4 bikes.
Jim Peterson announced that the paper work has been completed on Global grant that was to Nicaragua for latrines.
Happy Bucks:  Tom and Margy celebrate 47th anniversary, Hazel birthday check, Greg had a check for $26.20 for completing the marathon from C.R. to I. C. They were very happy to have hosted Paula. Ann reported that the school supplies have been packed up and moved to the new Hoover. Roger reported that Cris had retired on Monday and that they will be going to Hawaii to celebrate their 50th anniversary.
Youth Exchange Presentation by Paula from Barcelona, Spain. 
Paula thanked our club for hosting her.  She thanked all her host parents for their kindness and all the opportunities that she was given. Several differences between the U. S. and Spain were noted.  School in the US is very easy comparatively. Everything is so big in the U.S.-- Houses, buildings and you need a car! The reason that she wanted to be an exchange student was to learn different cultures and ways of life.  She also wanted to prove she could be away from parents for 11 months. Her presentation included pictures of graduation, trips, host families, prom and friends.  Paula hopes to maybe come back to the U.S. to study.  She has one more year of High School left.
Kelly Teeselink is the brand new executive director of Girls on the Run of Eastern Iowa, an after-school program for girls aged 3rd-8th grade that uses running to inspire girls to be joyful, healthy and confident.  The program use several awards to the girls:  Energy Award and Super Girl Power.  The program teaches girls life skills, confidence, appreciation of their bodies, and personal growth.
The cost of the program is $150.00.  No one will be turned away based on their means.
Izzy Paulsen has been in the program and expressed how much the program has helped her to become more confident and to believe in herself.   Tom Paulsen Izzy’s father also spoke about how the program has helped two of his daughters to be confident and help to be able to deal with conflicts  that arise for young girls.