Posted by Liz Nichols on Jun 24, 2018
Participants in the March 2018 Xicotepec work trip were the speakers.
Visiting Rotarians and Guests
Chris Catney-- RC of Iowa City
Don Letendre
Emmeline Kraus, Izzy Murray, David Keffulu-Gehard, Eric Thomas--Students on Xicotepec team
Patricia Hayek
Phil Peterson gave an update of the highlights of this year of his presidency.  Highlights included the many events and volunteer activities that brought together members of the club for fun and fund-raising.
Left-over wine from the Year-Ender was auctioned off to Phil Peterson for $60 more for our community efforts. 
Liz Nichols is looking for volunteer host families for winter and spring quarters for the student from Italy who will be arriving this August.  There is a notice for members to take to post on church, office or school bulletin boards.  Host parents do not need to be Rotarians and they do not have to have children.
There were many happy buck moments shared, as usual.
Deb Galbraith introduced the participants in the 2018 Xicotepec Project which included several high school students, as well as a number of college students.  Several recent City High graduates who also were participants in Xicotepec spoke.  Most of the students heard about Xicotepec at RYLA or Interact.  Before that time few knew anything about Rotary or Rotary service projects.  All enjoyed the experience and found the it inspirational.
In addition to the high school students there were about 12 pharmacy students and about 12 dental students.  The high school students got their choice each day of which work group they would go with-- pharmacy for de-worming treatments, dental for exams and cleanings or the building crew.