Casey Cook led a panel discussion on the topic of preparing for retirement.  Panel members included Mike O'Leary, Pam Ehly and Ann Romanowski.
Today was Deb Dunkhase's first meeting as President.  She presented Past President, Myrene Hoover, with a gavel placque commemorating her year in office as President.  President Deb also recognized Myrene Hoover for attaining Paul Harris Plus 8 status, and Plus 2 status for Liz Nichols and Frank Juvan.  Deb and Liz awarded Perfect Attendance lavaliers to 42 who attained perfect attendance (including make-ups) for 2015-16.  There were 5 new first year perfect attenders who also received perfect attendance pins.  There are still 4 of our Charter Members who have achieved 27 years of perfect attendance!
Deb handed out Four Way Test coins and asked that we each keep them in our wallets as a reminder of what we as Rotarians think, say and do.  We will be reciting the Four Way Test often this year at our meetings because it is at the core for all we stand for as Rotarians. 
Cole Lavarias was again introduced.  We will officially honor him with induction next week before he takes off on a one month deployment to Alaska for military duty.  Thank you, Cole, for your service!
Deb Ockenfels requested that members bring cookies to be sold at the July 16 TAKO event.  They will be stored frozen until the day of the event at City Park.  Deb Dunkhase is still looking for more sign-ups for volunteers to help that day.  The Club stands to make a significant profit from the sale of food and beverages.
Phil Peterson is still collecting surveys on member opinions about our fundraising activities for 2016-17.
Sue Cronin has found a source to take used laser jet cartridges so it is once again ok to bring in cartridges from any source willing to donate them for recycling and the Club will make some money from turning these cartridges in.
Kris Ockenfels thanked everyone who contributed food and funds for the Crisis Center today.  Keep bringing them in throughout July so that our club can be crowned the winner of the "food fight" for the most donations per capita among the area Rotary clubs.
Deb Dunkhase reminded us that the new theme for RI President John Germ's year is "Rotary Serving Humanity."  We will try to concentrate on that theme ourselves this year.  Germ hopes that this year will be notable particularly by being able to say that it was the year that saw the last case of polio in the world.  In his message to all Rotarians he has called for greater flexibility among clubs so as to attract younger members and more collaborative work with other organizations to get things done within our communities.
Happy bucks included several concerning family visits during the holiday weekend, time spent fishing and canoeing.  Casey Cook announced that he concluded a plan with his partners to sell the business and retire over the next three years.  Liz Loeb is off to Hilton Head.  Nancy Pacha was thrilled that John Ockenfels took some of her family members on a plane ride.  Susie Poulton had a successful 35th class reunion she helped organize.  Mike Messier suggested everyone shop downtown to help out especially the businesses impacted by all the construction.
Casey Cook led a panel of retired members including Mike O'Leary, Pam Ehly and Ann Romanowski. 
Ann reminded us that no one upon their death bed ever says, "Gee, I wish I'd spent more time at work."  The memories that you have are of the achievements and activities that take your time and attention after you retire.  In Ann's case, she was fortunate several in her neighborhood retired at the same time and they formed a neighborhood social group to enjoy wine and hors d'oevres together. 
Mike O'Leary has had several jobs since retiring as a school principal.  Once you retire you get to choose your retirement jobs and other activities centered around your passions.  Among the jobs he has worked since retirement includes being a driver for an Amish farmer and he helped evaluate flood-damaged buildings after the flood of 2008, among other jobs.  The hobbies he has maintained include his garden and tree planting, which follow is passions. 
Pam Ehly cites one of the benefits of retirement is lower stress which, in her case, led to lower blood pressure and the ability to get lots of sleep.  She believes it is common for people in the months after retirement to sleep much more than before.  Pam's life has not completely slowed down.  She is a member of four boards, but she also has time for some hobbies as well.
Both Casey and Ann talked about transitioning from a small business.  The best advice Ann could give was to have an attorney on board to prepare succession contracts.  They will think of things that you never knew could become an issue and will save you considerable heartbreak.  Ann's succession plan took about a year to complete while Casey's plan is a three year work in progress.