Posted by Liz Nichols on Jul 25, 2017
Bob Opplinger, Education and Advocacy Coordinator, Bicyclists of Iowa City, talked about "Going for Gold."
Guests and Visiting Rotarians
Bob Opplinger, Speaker
Phil Peterson indicated, with regret, that RI President-Elect, Sam Owori from Uganda, has died of complications from surgery.  A Rotary memorial fund is being established in his honor.
At the Board meeting last week the budget for 2017-18 was approved.
The Rotary Minute was about a solar lamp project in Belize.  The Rotary Club of Northwest Austin, Texas has donated 600 solar lamps to families in Belize as part of their Grid Earth Project.  Another 1000 are expected to be donated this fiscal year.  This project is seen as helping remote third world communities that are off the grid.  It saves families from countless fire accidents and build-up of toxicity from use of kerosene lamps.
Mark Patton announced the need to get a volunteer crew to the Coralville recycling center next Saturday at 10 am to sort out the 5 cent redeemable items from other trash left at the center.  Let Mark know if you can volunteer.  He also mentioned that the playhouse for the day care center we are assisting is in storage and in need of someone with carpentry skills to stabilize the structure.  It will then be painted and eventually taken to the day care playground.  Again, check with Mark if you think you can help.
This is the last week for donating to the Crisis Center Food Fight and the last week for bike project donations for the matching gift.  Give checks and donations to Deb Ockenfels.  Food Fight donations can also be taken to the Crisis Center, clearly marked as part of the AM Rotary contribution.  Bike donations can be made online and will continue after this month.
Casey Cook announced that a task group will be convened within the week to review possible grant awardees based on the list of applicants from the Community Foundation grants process.  The work needs to be accomplished before August 9.  Talk with Casey, Hazel Seaba or Jean Knepper if you are interested in participating.
Brian Adamec announced there were still 3 bottles of wine left over from the Year-Ender to be sold to the highest bidder (for not less than $15 each).
Rotarians in the News:  Casey Cook was featured in the Gazette in an article about affordable housing.
Happy Bucks: Roger Christian has gotten his mother settled in a rest home in Foley, AL.  Deb Ockenfels was happy to obtain 1200 lbs of food at the auction the other day to be donated to the Crisis Center for the Food Fight.  Ann Nicholson was one of three AM Rotarians at Roxie Mitchell's house last weekend for the concert of a country artist.  Brian Adamec's son reminded him recently it is only 5 months til Christmas.  Mike O'Malley was also happy for the produce auction and noted there would be more on Wednesday and Friday.  Jim Peterson was happy about a family reunion in Kansas City.  Casey Cook's contributed $5 to retell a dream he had about going dancing with Peggy Doerge.  Mike Messier was happy that at least the White Sox can beat the Cubbies.  Ron Logsden caught lots of fish in a Canadian fishing trip and will be off to Colorado this next week.  Greg Probst celebrated the great experience assisting with RYLA and also with Youth Exchange.  Elaine Shalla also enjoyed her time spent talking with the outbound District 6000 RYE students and the recent rebounds.  Next week the RYLArians will be our guests for our meeting.
Dr. Bob Opplinger started his program about biking in Iowa City with a picture of the new downtown Iowa City bike racks recently installed by the IC Noon Rotary.  The program title, "Going for the Gold" refers to the efforts of Iowa City to make the city more bike-friendly.  There are a number of events going on within Johnson County communities to help promote bike awareness.  There are Slow Rolls set up all summer.  The ones remaining are in Coralville starting and finishing at Morrison Park on July 31 at 6 pm and starting at City Park in Iowa City and ending at Trueblood Park, 5:45 pm on August 16.  Slow Rolls are short community rides at low speeds through our area communities.  They are family-oriented and will be followed by a social hour and entertainment.
A lot has developed for the biking community in the last several months.  Iowa City has included bike safety and awareness in its planning process for the next 5-7 years.  It is working toward connectivity of bike trails, protected bike lanes, added road safety features to slow down auto traffic and make special lanes for bikes, including use of "bike boulevards" or greenbelts.
The school board has discussed and accepted a comprehensive bike education program.  The plan includes teaching all 2nd graders how to ride a bike; teaching bike safety in 5th grade and junior high classes; teaching bike/driver safety in high schools; making biking a lifetime activity starting in the junior and senior high schools.
Another new initiative is seeking more Bike Friendly Businesses in the area.  There are currently 5 Bike-Friendly Businesses identified in Iowa City; there are 1200 nationwide.  The County Administration Center is one new BFB in Iowa City.  Others include Neumann Monson, ACT and World of Bikes.  A Bike-Friendly Business is one that helps to promote riding bikes to work by providing the facilities for staff to shower and change and promoting bike health and safety awareness.  For more information contact Tom Banta at ICAD,
The World Cyclo-Cross event is coming back to Iowa City on Sept 17.  About 10,000 people participated last year.  Volunteers are needed to be safety marshals and to host cyclists with a bed and shower.  People from at least 15 countries participated last year.  Contact Nate Vande Weide to volunteer:
Josh Schamberger, CVB, has been instrumental in supporting the Johnson County Cycling Committee through CVB resources.  This was the group instrumental in bringing back the World Cyclo-Cross and the Slow Ride events.