Speaker for July 21 meeting was Kris Ockenfels who gave tips and tricks of traveling successfully around the world.
Guests and Visiting Rotarians
Kermit Sheker--IC Noon
Mary Vasey--Guest of Casey Cook
President's Remarks and Announcements:
President Myrene Hoover started the meeting with a quote from W.C. Fields:  "Start every day with a smile and get it over with."
Casey Cook introduced Mary Vasey who talked about the Combined Efforts play "Midsummer Night's Dream" to be presented this Thursday through Saturday July 23-25 at the
Schlapkohl farm.  Tickets and directions available at the Combined Efforts Theatre website.
Randy Willman was presented his Paul Harris plus 1 pin.  Congratulations, and thanks, Randy!
Amanda McFadden has been awarded her first Paul Harris Fellow recognition.  She sets a great example, especially as a new member.
Myrene alerted those with District 6000 leadership directories to check the District newsletter for name and contact updates.
Roger needs dish washers through the month of August.
Brian Adamec mentioned that the basket near the door each week is for "Soap for Hope" contributions of hotel-size toiletries.  Donations are taken to the Crisis Center.
Rotarians in the News
Several noticed Nancy Pacha with a group of her 1965 City High Reunion classmates in Facebook.  Amanda McFadden indicated she has just published an article on mobility. 
Happy Bucks
There was the usual long list of Happy Rotarians:  Deb Galbraith was grateful for those who helped her with arrangements for their African safari.  Tom Novak said the first day of the ID Project brought over 100 applications and Nicole was able to take 85 surveys for her project.  Joan Garrity is back from a wonderful stay in Ireland and Switzerland where she was able to celebrate her grandson's 5th birthday.  Nancy and Gary Pacha are taking a grand-daughter to Spain.  The Knapps were happy for Pete Knapp's 90th birthday celebration.  Liz Nichols was happy to have a number of relatives gathering for her mother's 100th birthday celebration at Oaknoll on the 21st.  Casey Cook had a great time in the Twin Cities watching his wife ice dance.  Deb Dunkhase thanked Liz Loeb and others for bead donations for the kids entertained during the IA MOST trip.  Mike Messier is happy for Zach Johnson's win at the British Open.  Jack Cameron celebrated his son, Jackson's 21st birthday.  Roger Christian celebrated the 46th anniversary of the day he got diverted from being sent to Vietnam while he was in the military.  Peggy Doerge was happy that root canals have gotten easier.  There were several other happy moments shared as well.
Kris Ockenfels is a veteran traveler and shared some of her perspectives on how to make travel anywhere in the world a success.  There can be good experienced gained from any type of travel arrangement, whether group travel, travel with family members, or solo travel.  Each has its pros and cons.  Kris particularly made the point that even when one is traveling alone it can be safe and fulfilling.  Most people around the world want to be helpful to travelers.  To increase safety and to cut down on getting lost try hiring a private guide if you find yourself in a totally unknown country where you do not speak the language.  She shared many other tips and tricks to make sure you travel safely and come home with all your pictures, your luggage, and your identity in tact.
Kris also shared some amazing photos that represent places she has been, many, if not all, the pictures Kris or her travel companions took.  Some of those exotic locations include Egypt, Antarctica, Cambodia, Africa on safari, and China (where at times she was the only tourist in sight).