Posted by Liz Nichols on Jul 17, 2018
Casey Cook moderated "What Jazzes You Up" with Geri Schaefer.
Visiting Rotarians and Guests
Keith Christian-- Guest of Roger Christian
Janet Coester and Bill Coester-- Guests of Jim Peterson
Ruth Lewis-- Guest of Susie Poulton
Congratulations to Paul Harris Fellowship award recipients:
Deb Dunkhase and Nan Johnson for Paul Harris + 1
Vernette Knapp for Paul Harris + 7
As of Monday we had 7457 lbs of food or cash equivalents at the Crisis Center Food Bank for the Food Fight, and today we added at least another 1280 lbs.
Chris Knapp gave a Polio Plus update.  Polio has crept back into Brazil through air travel from the spots where polio is still wild, Pakistan or Afghanistan.  There have been 11 new cases this year.  To be completely rid of Polio we must have zero new cases for three years in a row.  Rotary's goal is to raise $billion to continue the fight.  For every $1 Rotary receives the Gates Foundation donates $2.  Our district will focus on polio eradication with a Ride for Polio on Nov 16-17.  We hope to raise $15,000 to $20,000.
Deb Dunkhase announced that the ICM will participate in Ocktoberfest Sept 29.  The ICM is looking for volunteers to help with glitter tattoos for children for that event.
July 27 RAGBRAI will be over night in Iowa City.  Riders will stay at the area parks.  The City needs 400 volunteers.  Dick Huber will bike the segment from Sigourney to Iowa City and will be looking for others to ride along.
Amanda McFadden saw Paula off back to Spain and looks forward to the arrival of Cristina from Italy in August.  We still need 2 more host families, preferably from the West side of town.  They do not need to be Rotarians, nor do they need to have kids in school.
Thanks to Gary Haymond for his 12 years of dedication to AM Rotary as our Treasurer.
Congratulations to Dan Kramer on being inducted officially into AM Rotary Club.
Casey Cook interviewed Geri Schaefer. 
Geri was spent her early years in Hawaii.  She also lived in Texas, Germany and California while she was growing up and her father was in the Army.  She met her husband, Paul, at a personal development conference in California and she eventually moved to Chicago where Paul lived.  They have been married 32 years and have lived in Iowa City for 30.  Geri started her college education years ago when they first moved to Iowa City, but a career change for Paul caused Geri to go back to work.  She worked for Rockwell Collins and Proctor & Gamble before joining Paul in their investment business.  She now has the time and interest to go back to college and is working to complete a degree in English.  She enjoys particularly writing stories.
As a military kid always on the move Casey asked if she had some advice on what to do to fit in.  She was the oldest of 6 children, so she always was expected to take the lead.  She has noticed that people need to take the first step to meet other people.  If you don't take the lead in meeting someone, it may not ever happen.
Geri was originally a member of AM Rotary in the 1990s.  She was sponsored by Herb Wilson.  A work schedule change and PG caused her to have to resign.  Her schedule is now more flexible and she is glad to be back involved in AM Rotary.  Amy Nicholson is her sponsor this time around.
Welcome to Geri!