What Jazzes You Up with Casey Cook interviewing Amy Nicholson was the subject of the January 3 meeting.
Guests and Visiting Rotarians
Remember to form Trivia teams for the Jan 17 fundraiser at the Mellow Mushroom (7 pm). Form teams of 4 at $25 for each contestant.  Non-Rotarians and members of other clubs can be recruited to form teams.
We celebrated 4 January birthdays.
Pat Schnack was thanked for her years of serving as our Meals on Wheels Coordinator.  She completed the list for 2017 MOW drivers and has turned over the job of coordination to Jean Knepper.  Thanks, Jean, for stepping in!  Pat will still continue to be a driver for awhile.  Anyone new who would like to take a test drive is encouraged to ride along with one of the current MOW volunteers.  The weekly Meal delivery schedule is being put into the club duty roster at the website. 
Rotarians in the News
Tom Langenfeld had an article about Putin published in the local paper.
Happy Bucks
There were nine or ten Happy Buck moments shared, primarily about New Years resolutions and activities done or not done from "honey do" lists.
Casey Cook chatted with Amy Nicholson on her childhood memories, what is particularly important in her life, her family connection to Rotary and what jazzes her up about Rotary.
Amy spent her first 25 years or so trying to build her own life separate from her family.  She grew up in Naperville, IL and spent a few years in Ontario, Canada.  At 18 she moved away from home and worked in California.  She is now never happier than when her house is full of family and friends.  She has attended two Rotary International Conferences, one in Brazil and one in Seoul, Korea.  She described these events as a great way to get to meet Rotarians from around the world and to understand what Rotary is all about through the many interesting sessions.  She is enthusiastic about taking on a new role as an AM Rotary board member. 
In addition to interviewing Amy, Casey moderated a sharing time over the questions about favorite New Years memories and famous people we have met.  We agreed that there were many more people ready to talk about their experiences meeting the rich and famous than there was time and that this might be the topic of a future meeting.