The Jan. 29 speaker was Joan Vandenberg, Iowa City Community School District, who talked about Homeless Student Programs in the District.
Joan Vandenberg
Visiting Rotarians/Guests
Seth Talbot
Kelly Teeschlink-- Guest of Kate Sojka
Jean Vandenberg-- Speaker
Liz Loeb was honored for receiving a Paul Harris plus two award, and Hazel Seaba received PH plus 6.  Congratulations to both!
Congrats also to Amanda and Walter McFadden on the birth of a strapping 10 lb 9 oz boy named Lyndon Michael McFadden on 1/26/19!
The 30th Anniversary of RCICAM will take place Feb 21 in the evening.  A sign-up will be available in another week or two. Former presidents will be invited to share their thoughts on their experiences with the Club.  The event will be free of charge.
The date of our next Trivia Night has been set for April 5, 2019.  Get your teams ready.
Can sorting will take place in the relatively balmy weather expected on next Saturday.
Happy Bucks highlights:  Mark Patton is taking sponsorships for his bowling with Big Brothers Big Sisters.  Tom Novak leaves for Huehuetanango for IAMOST on Thursday where the daily highs are in the 70's.  The Ockenfels contributed happy bucks for their 41 years of marriage
Joan Vandenberg of ICCSD indicated that the homeless are hidden in plain sight.  Some 456 homeless kids are registered in the district.  Registered homeless students get a number of benefits.  They are allowed to stay in place in the school where they initially registered to help prevent the disruption that occurs when kids move from school to school.  They also qualify for free and reduced lunches, free transportation. tutoring and referral to outside resources.  These benefits are guaranteed under the McKinney-Vento Act that became law during the Regan Administration.
Vandenberg passed out a number of scenarios that homeless families face to discuss at our tables.  The discussion on how we would help families resolve some of their frequent challenges was thought-provoking.