The program for January 27 was "What Jazzes You Up" hosted by Dave Parsons and featuring new members, Carolyn Wanat, and Chris Ockenfels.


Presidential Opening

Acting President Myrene Hoover related why the President of the United States must deliver a State of the Union address before Congress each year.  According to Will Rogers, the citizens of the country are aware of the state of the Union since they are living the reality of it, however Congress is not, so it must be explained to them. 

Nenu reported on Armenia, a former Soviet republic with a very long history.  The capital is Yerevan; the country has three million inhabitants.  Hayk is the legendary patriarch and believed to be the great-great grandson of Noah.  The first of four Rotary clubs was established in 1996.  English is the official language at all Rotary meetings in Armenia. 


  • Monday, Feb 2 - Month Opener at Donnelly’s at the usual time
  • Tuesday, Feb 3 - Community Grants Committee meeting following the general meeting
  • Thursday, Feb 26 - Community Grant event at 6:30 pm at Kirkwood Room, hors d’oeuvres prepared by Valerie, BYOB, sponsored by Michael Lensing. 

Happy Bucks

So many happy folks today!

  • Pam – looming grandparenthood!
  • Deb D. – gratitude for Pam’s service to the Iowa City School District
  • Liz N. – grateful for cataract surgery on one eye and the promise of surgery for the other eye soon
  • Bree is getting married on Saturday!!!  Congratulations from your Rotary family!
  • Carl – glad he isn’t in Boston in the snow
  • Peggy – happy when she is lucky enough to remember why she came into a room
  • Margy – happy to listen to music by Mozart on his birthday today
  • Roger is getting a new garage door!  Says it will be his last new garage door.
  • Vernette enjoyed being in Oklahoma for the SCRYE meeting last weekend
  • Frank – has been enjoying reading Glamour Magazine*
  • Deb and John O. – Happy Anniversary!
  • Phil – happy about the 23rd anniversary of his 39th birthday.  Oh!  Maybe I didn’t hear that correctly.
  • Jim – happily heading to Nicaragua next week for the Central American Project Fair
  • Dave – planning a great trip to Cuba

*A little more about Frank who has been reading Glamour Magazine.   He had been encouraged to read a particular article about a heart transplant recipient who ended up married to the sister of his donor.  Read the article on page 164. 


Dave Parsons was deemed the individual funny enough to conduct “What Jazzes You Up?” interviews in Casey’s absence.  He mistakenly understood that he would be the interviewee, not the interviewer, but never at a loss for words or lacking a large sense of humor, Dave came up to the task.

Carolyn Wanat, mother of two sons and grandparent of four grandchildren grew up in Missouri.  Her grandfather was a friend of Harry Truman.  She is a retired UI professor who taught in the College of Education preparing wannabe school principals and superintendents.  In 1990 she came to Iowa City, moving in next door to the Ockenfels who invited her to join Rotary, which she did in October. 

In retirement, Carolyn enjoys Rotary, a book club, a movie group and travel in the U.S.  Dave asked why she chose to “retire and die in Iowa City.”  After the laughter subsided, Carolyn explained that moving to be near one of her sons would likely offend the other and she was better off not making a choice.  She said that “Iowa City is a different city to live in than to work in.”


Kris Ockenfels was Dave’s next interview.   Kris studied in Oregon and Iowa and graduated with a degree in accounting.  She has worked in the State Auditor’s office, done auditing for the University of Iowa and now works as an auditor for the University of Iowa Credit Union, looking for fraud and money laundering.  Don’t try to pull the wool over this young woman’s eyes!

Kris has an energetic dog she enjoys and attempts to keep corralled.   She is a self-described “travel addict” who plans a trip each year outside of the United States.  In the fall of 2014, she went to Cambodia and Viet Nam and there is a plan later this year to go to India.  One of her most interesting trips was to Antarctica where she appreciated the fact that there is great respect for the environment. 

Kris revealed that she has recently learned the song “Great, Green Gobs of Greasy, Grimy Gopher Guts” from her parents.  


The meeting adjourned at 8:00a.m.


Respectfully submitted by Nancy Pacha