The December 22 meeting featured an activity led by December Program Chair, Deb Pullen-VanAucken.
Guests and Visiting Rotarians
Lara Celeghin-- Exchange Student
Carl Christensen--Honorary Rotarian
John Garrity-- Guest of Joan Garrity
Phil Jordan-- Guest of Deb Dunkhase
Rotarians arriving to attend the meeting were greeted outside the venue by a very friendly Santa in whole regalia.
President Myrene Hoover started the meeting talking about the Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI), which will take place on Feb. 27th.  Watch for information about the location for this meeting.  Other Rotarians explained that RLI is conducted as “facilitated discussion” to broaden Rotarians horizons beyond the club and the District. There are three (3) parts to it and each part can be taken at different times.  February’s RLI is $45, which includes materials and lunch.  Pres. Myrene mentioned Rotarians can read about the RLI in D6000 newsletter, on page 7.
President Myrene also explained about donations to the club’s causes.  There is time till June 30th, 2016, to make a donation.  It was mentioned that this is a very good time of the year to donate and save on taxes.
Another comment President Myrene made was in regards to our club being number 7 in the district in attendance, with 82.58% average (including make-ups).
It was also mentioned that Mike O'Leary brought butternut squash as presents for members.  It is not the first time Mike has brought farm treats to Rotarians.   By the end of the meeting, there was not a single butternut squash left.  Thank you, Mike!
Deb Dunkhase reminded everybody, for the last time, that the Gift Wrapping event will take place on the Coral Ridge Mall on Dec. 24.  Twenty Rotarians volunteered to cover the shifts from morning till 8 pm.  The money thus collected will be used towards our club’s grants fund.
Ron Logsden talked about the District's Guardians of Integrity Award.  Ron explained that each year Rotarians are recognized as “Guardians of Integrity”, at the District Conference.  Rotarians were requested to nominate a club member who is deserving of  such a distinction.   If it is considered pertinent, Rotarians will be contacted by the Selection Committee about the reason why the nomination was made. John Ockenfels said that such a tradition started in D6000 by honoring one Rotarian per year.  That was done for the first two (2) years. However, since there are so many Rotarians in the district that deserve to be recognized, as of the third year there are more Rotarians recognized with such a distinction.  Some of our members have already received this recognition. 
Brian Adamec mentioned that the total amount from the nut sale is $3,600.  The total made is $1,000 more than last year.  He reminded everybody that the money collected is earmarked for RYLA scholarships.
Happy bucks time. There were many happy Rotarians and guests.
Deb Pullen-VanAucken led an activity to better know each other:  each Rotarian mentioned a song, book or movie we liked best at this time of the year.
Members of the Grants Reception committee were reminded there was going to be a meeting after the general meeting was over.
Respectfully submitted by Nenu Piragine