Posted by Liz Nichols on Aug 10, 2018
Casey Cook conducted "What Jazzes You Up" with District Governor, Tom Narak, and Carol Narak.
Visiting Rotarians and Guests
District Governor Tom Narak and his partner, Carol
Donations are being directed to the Marshalltown Rotary Club for distribution to the most needed uses following the tornado disaster.  You can make checks out to our club to the attention of the Marshalltown Rotary Club and we will make out one check, or you can make the contribution directly to Marshalltown RC.
Program Chair this month is Kathy Bowers.
Many hands made light work this past weekend at the Dodge St. Recycling center for can sorting.  We made about $468 from the sorting done last Saturday!
We will resume Eastside sorting about once per month in order to make sure we keep up with recycling there as well.  Eastside does have a volunteer who also contributes time to the project where we benefit along with Habitat and Interact.  Plan on attending can sorting at Eastside this Saturday from 9 am.  With 8-10 people we should be able to knock it off in an hour.
The food fight official totals show 48,523 lbs donated, but this is probably not complete.  Per capita the Downtown Rotary came out the winner of the Golden Turkey at over 396 lbs per member.  The numbers for IC AM RC are not accurate because the wrong number was used for members.  It should be 14,663 lbs for 71 members, or an average of 206.52 lbs per member.  Big Noon was at 71.5 lbs/member and Corridor NC was at 21 lbs/member (but they donate primarily to the Coralville and North Liberty Food Banks and not to the Crisis Center).
The IC AM Board meets on August 16 from 6:45 am to 8 am at the Waterfront Hy-Vee Club Room.
Happy Bucks covered everything from Tom Novak's upcoming family trip to Ireland and Sweden, to Myrene Hoover's upcoming trip to see family in Switzerland, to Amanda McFadden's praise of a weekend spent at Waterloo's Irish Fest. Deb Dunkhase commented that applications are open for team members for IA MOST.  There are four non-medical positions available.  Deb Ockenfels recently cut out 1800 quilt pieces for the new District Conference quilt.  That is true dedication!
What Jazzes You Up
Tom and Carol Narak met when they were 18 years old at a college party they attended with other dates.  After that night Tom asked Carol out and the rest is history.
Tom spent his work career in education as a teacher and then as an administrator.  He completed his career as a school district superintendent in West Des Moines.  Carol's work career was as a school librarian.  She had a dual major in Spanish and library science at Morningside College, which is where the Narak's met.
Many of our members know Tom and Carol because they have been on 12 missions to Xicotepec.
Little known facts-- Tom has a pet tarantula, Rosie, who is 19 years old.  This is about twice the usual age of female tarantulas.
One of Tom's major areas of emphasis this year will be child abuse.