Casey Cook conducted a "What Jazzes You Up" with District Governor Elect, Mike Ruby and his partner Joanne.
Visiting Rotarians and Guests
Mike and Joanne Ruby-- DGE, Muscatine RC
President Deb reported that a member of the Board of Directors  would be giving a report for their respective area the last meeting of each month when the program is “What Jazzes You Up”.  She introduced the Board and called on Gary Hammond to report as Treasurer.
Gary reported that fiscal year 2016 ended in the red due to less than budgeted revenue from the can project.  Although the raw numbers show a $18,000 deficit, Gary noted this is misleading since one of the “expenditures” was a transfer of $14,000 from current funds to the AM Rotary fund in the Community Foundation of Johnson County.  For FY17, the budget takes into account the previous loss of revenue from the can project and is decreased by approximately $10,000 from FY16.
Other Announcements:
  • Kristen Ockenfels noted the need for volunteers for the Community Service Community, which she chairs. 
  • Liz Loeb and Amy Nicholson completed two levels of RI training.
  • President Deb highlighted the sign-up sheets for Volunteer Hours and Can Shed sorting.
  • Mike Ruby reminded members of the One Rotary Summit in West Liberty on Wednesday, Oct. 6th which will start with a light supper at 5:30 and then move to break out sessions on membership, public image, etc.
  • There are one or two tickets left for the fund-raising dinner at Valerie’s house on Sept. 13.
  • Nancy Pacha has taken over the nut sales.  The goal is to send 4 students to RYLA and # to World Affairs.  Each student costs $450 and $680, respectively; however our club gets a $100 discount on each given the number of students we send.  Donations made be made to D6000 HEF, memo line IC Rotary AM, if people would prefer to donate and not get the nuts/sweets.  The nut sales will conclude Oct. 30th.
  • Roxie reported the Flea Market will be held Oct. 8 from 8-12 at Lucky’s Market in the Sycamore Mall
Happy Bucks were then collected.
What Jazzes You Up
Casey interviewed Mike and Joanne Ruby.  The Rubys met at UNI in the clarinet section of the marching band.  They have been married for 47 years sharing a career in the last few decades of their working life running a center/foundation to assist couples in maintaining and sustaining happy marriages.  Joanne shared that the key to their successful marriage was enabling Mike to come up with and act on “his” ideas in his own time.
Mike spent 20 years in Rotary as a “spectator” and did not becoming fully involved until after he became his club’s president and extended his involvement to the District level.  He truly “got” what it meant to be a Rotarian after attending an international convention and observing an international water project.  His emphasis in Rotary has been on membership.  He noted changes in Rotary’s approach to membership, relating the changes in terminology from “recruitment and retention” to “attraction and engagement”.
Mike got right into the spirit of our club, making jokes and good-naturedly poking gibes at members he knew.  He expressed appreciation for all that the AM club does and the depth of leadership in the club.
Both Mike and Joanne are excited and ready for their year at the helm of District 6000, and have a goal of visiting 35 clubs in the District this year to begin to build relationships to enhance their work as DG.