Christine Nebiss, a member of an indigenous people of Saskatchewan, Canada who is currently a resident of Williamsburg, IA, talked about environmental and native sovreignty issues having to do with the Dakota Access Pipeline.
Visiting Rotarians and Guests
Janet Coester-- Guest of Pat Schnack
Christine Nebiss-- Speaker
Andres Ruiz-- Guest of Nenu Peragine
Deb Dunkhase had Amanda McFadden introduce Kate Sojka as our newest member and she was officially inducted into Rotary. Congratulations to Kate!
Mike Lawler has been approved by the AM Board to be our next new member.
Liz Nichols announced that a girl from Spain has been selected to be our next Inbound Exchange Student.  She will be attending City High.  She has strong interests in the arts and music. Please contact Liz Nichols or Amanda McFadden if you or someone you know is interested in hosting.  We are looking for two more families, preferably to host for 3-4 months in the fall or the spring.
The "World Mini-Golf Classic" will take place at the Colonial Lanes on April 17.  This will be a fundraiser for AM Club so the cost will be $25 per team member.  Begin forming your teams of 4 now.
Saturday is the next CAN DO sorting date at the ReStore Center on Scott Blvd.  Signed up to sort are Gary Haymond, Liz Loeb, Deb Ockenfels, Rachel Marquardt, Casey Cook and Mike O'Leary.
The AM Board is considering a possible community grant project for next year. Applications must be in soon.  Talk to Deb Dunkhase or Phil Peterson if you have a potential project.  The Board is also looking in to a date late this summer or early fall when Dave Cook of Boone might come to lead a visioning session with as many members of AM Rotary as can attend.
Sue Cronin announced that for the foreseeable future she will not be able to collect printer cartridges.  Our volume was not sufficient to sustain the program.
Christine Nebiss is a member of a Saskatchewan native band.  She came to Iowa ten years ago and attended UI in Native American Studies. She is the founder and chair of Indigenous Iowa.  She went to Standing Rock in support of the native peoples protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline.  That pipeline is slated to be built under the Missouri River within the Standing Rock Reservation's watershed.  The concern is that this pipeline will poison the watershed and building it on the Standing Rock watershed is also considered a breach of the Standing Rock Sioux Nation's sovreignty.  The police action against the protesters has resulted in some deaths and many people with casesof PTSD.
Nobiss has started the Little Creek Camp near Williamsburg, IA and is there to help teach those who join the community how to bring about change away from unrenewable energy sources, and toward renewables.  The camp is also concerned with social justice issues, healing for those who have been injured physically and psychologically protesting the pipeline and other environmental and social justice causes.  All one needs to stay at Little Creek Camp is a tent and a source of heat.