Posted by Vernette Knapp on Apr 20, 2018
The speaker was Dr. Melanie Dreher on the topic of medical marijuana.
April Program Chair, Deb Galbraith and Dr. Melanie Dreher, PhD, RN, FAAN
Greeters were:  Inbound Youth Exchange Student Paula Mompio and Outbound Youth Exchange Student Vanessa Slattery.
Chris Knapp, Song leader led us in singing America and Smile.
President Peterson ask for any guests.  Guests of Brian Clemons: Laura and Rick Walton, Jeremy Richardson from the Rotary Club of Downtown, Bob and Claire Ashman-host parents for Paula.  Youth Exchange students Paula and Vanessa. Melanie Dehrer, speaker.
PDG Chris Knapp introduced Paula and Vanessa.   They gave a short presentation of the Toast to Rotary District 6000 in Ottumwa.  The Youth Exchange students presented their flags from many countries.  After the meeting, they went to organizer, Karen Wertheim's, Rotary Club of Ottumwa for a bonfire and teaching about S'mores.  This was a treat for all.  The students then went to Rotarians' homes for an overnight home-stay.  The next morning the students planted 14 trees representing the 14 inbound students this year.   The planting of the trees fulfilled the goal of International President Ian Risley planting trees for each Rotarian.  Fun was had by all.
Announcements:   Jeremy Richardson, Rotary Club of Iowa City Downtown announced the planting of trees at Lake McBride, Saturday April 21.  The Downtown club will provide the grilled meats.  He asked that the Rotary Club of Iowa City AM provide the sides.  Chris and Vernette Knapp will handle the delivery of the sides to the Lake McBride. 
Deb Ockenfels thanked everyone who helped at the Toast to Rotary District 6000 in Coralville.  Ray Muston, Rotary Club of Iowa City received The Service Above Self Award.  This is the highest award given from Rotary International.  There are only 100 given in the world.  Congratulations Ray!! Bill Koellner, Rotary Club of West Liberty was awarded the Rotary Foundation Meritorious Service award Congratulations Bill!
Happy Bucks:  Marie Hassel of Child Serve announced they partnered with the Children Museum for an event.  There was a record- breaking attendance of 2700.
Amy Nicholson reported that the Toasts in total Salsa sales raised $228.00 and coffee sales raised $100.00.
Gary Haymond reported that he retired from Hills Bank and Trust the end of March.
Deb Ockenfels was happy that Charlotte and John Schultz played a 10 minute concert during the Toast break in Coralville and raised $1100 for the Bicycle project. A total of $3,620 was raised at all the Toasts.
Mike Messier said he saw Liz Nichols getting her car serviced to go to Minnesota to pick up Paul who had rolled his truck in the snow storm this weekend.  Best of luck to Paul.
Dr. Dreher earned degrees with honors in nursing, anthropology and philosophy.  She was U of I Dean of Nursing 1997-2006 and Chair of the Board of Trinity Health Care systems in 23 states and over 90 hospitals networks, 5 of which are in Iowa.  She is on the Wellmark Board and charter member of the  National Institute of Health.  Dr. Dreher is one of a handful of scientists who have studied marijuana objectively and intelligently over the last three decades.  Dr. Dreher spoke of her time in Jamaica when government and private organizations, including the U.S. State Department, funded her many research projects on the results of marijuana in women, children and farmers.
Dr. Dreher has impeccable research credentials.  Among her findings is that children of ganja users are better adjusted than children born to mothers who had not used ganja. She found the workers in Jamaica provided data of rich medical value.  Dr. Dreher wrote her Doctoral Dissertation on Medical Marijuana Cross Cultures.  Marijuana has many benefits to helping with glaucoma, HIV-AIDS, epilepsy and opioid addiction.
Marijuana was legal in the US until 1937.  Initially it was used primarily by black and brown people and musicians.  The 60’s brought marijuana into more general use.