Call to order: Myrene filling in for Mark who is in DC, called the meeting to order.

Sergeant-at-Arms report:  Jack reported 11 Makeups and 5 guests

World in a Minute: John McKinstry reported on El Salvador

  • Has 7 rotary clubs with the first one founded in 1927
  • It is the smallest and densest country with only 1 % of the population indigenous
  • The currency is the US dollar

Rotarians in the news:

  • Case Cook
  • John McKinstry-burning mortgage

District news:

  • March 1st-Festival phone tree needs volunteers in Des Moines –Call John Ockefels if interested


  • Nenu-reports that 95% of Latvian’s speak and second language.
  • Sue Cronin-reminder about sign up sheet for Community Grants event on Feb 26th
  • Nancy Pacha-Dance for Humanity at Old Brick on Sunday, Feb 15th
  • Liz-Youth Exchange has a spot in Solon for an exchange student.  A host family is needed
  • Jack-District Conference-April 16-18 at Marriott.  Volunteers are needed to be greeters.

Speaker: Mel Schlacter of the Iowa River Friends

Mel is a wine maker and a judge.  Iowa River Friends was formed April 2013.  It is a volunteer organization.  Dues for a family are only $15.  The purpose of the organization is to bring folks together up and down the Iowa River Watershed to improve, protect and enjoy the river.  It is hard to care about the river when you do not have a relationship with the river.   The Iowa River Friends want to promote a relationship with the river. 

River Call is a program for 4th graders to spend the day getting to know the river. 

Some issues the organization is working on:

  • Water Quality-Talking with municipalities & AG products to staunch chemicals
  • Educate about Urban runoff
  • North Liberty is working to require construction companies to leave top soil for new construction.


  1. Are they involved in any river bank clean up projects?  Yes, 1-2 times per year from Sturgis Ferry to Hills.  It was suggested that it might be good to involve the rotary clubs along the river. 
  2. Quality issues, is it ok to swim or fish in the river?  Only eat bottom dwellers.  Who is dumping in it?  Occassional dumping by the concrete plant in Coralville, but mostly  Urban run-off contributes 10-20% and farmers 80%.
  3. Lawn treatments by residential home owners also contributes to quality issues.  Homeowners should consider other types of grasses.
  4. What about hog confinements?  The do more injection of waste instead of spreading on fields. 
  5. Why do farmers continue to dump into the river?  Not sure, but we need to educate the farmers and encourage a relationship with the river.