Presidential Opening

President Patton called the meeting to order at 7:10 AM. 

Chris Knapp led us in song.

Sergeant-at-Arms Report

Guests and Visiting Rotarians: Gary Anderson and his wife, Conor Henry and his brother, and father, Jeff Gallbraith, and Sofie (foreign exchange student).


David Parsons received his pin for perfect attendance and for being a past president.

This Friday is the 10th anniversary for the Downtown Club.

Oct. 9 is the joint service club. $9.00 for tickets.

Next week – board meeting at 6:45 am.

Coat project - $20 donation – checks made out to District 6000 HEF. We are hoping that by November 1, we will have the coats on the kids.

Rotarians in the news:

There was a picture of the RYLA group in the Press-Citizen. Dave Parsons had an article in the Gazette about being in Iowa.

Happy Bucks:

Many Rotarians were happy today!

Where in the World is Tanzania?  Hazel Seaba presented on Tanzania. There are 36 Rotary clubs in 27 cities. The official language is English and most people speak Swailhi. 80% of the people work on the land in agriculture.


Conor Henry – My Korea Experience. Chris Knapp introduced Conor and told how Conor became the first District 6000 student to go to South Korea. Conor thanked the Rotary club for enabling him to study in South Korea. Conor lived in Pusan for the year. Rotary in Korea provided students with some traditional Korean clothing.

The meeting adjourned at 8:15 AM.

Respectfully submitted by:

Tom Langenfeld