Karin Franklin, Program Coordinator for January introduced Tom Barta, ICAD Director of Strategic Growth+The Greater Iowa City Workforce apprenticeships and other programs. Graduate of U of I .  He worked in Texas and California prior to moving to Iowa. .  The Goal of the Iowa City Workforce is the enhance the quality of our community by serving the business development   He talked about Future Ready Iowa.  Apprenticeships in health care, trade, manufacturing.  There a programs through Kirkwood Community College.
He spoke about ICR (Iowa City-Cedar Rapids) Talent:  a coalition, Hub, Wingman-mentor.
President Amy Called the meeting to order at 7:05 am.  Thankful Thoughts and moments of Joy:  PDG  John Ockenfels gave his thankful thoughts and moments of joy. He talked of past snow days as a kid growing up in Iowa. The snow brings brightness and happiness to life.   He said 43 years ago a big snow storm came before their wedding.  He said the bright white snow looked lovely with Deb's wedding dress.  He then talked our life today with covid and Zoom. How Zoom has brought many opportunities where you can join E-Clubs of Rotary, environmental programs and flying program.
The joy of meeting friends in Rotary has been more important than ever during the last year.
DGE Alka announce that there will be a Virtual Assembly on March 27.  She would like to have a moderator form 9:00 am-11:30 am.   She also needs help on  March 13, from 8:30 -11:30 for a small group discussion.
Deb Ockenfels will be teaching sewing at Open Heartland.  There have been about 7 sewing machines donated.  She would welcome any sewing materials .  The first project will be masks.
Jean Knepper announced that program coordinators are needed for June and July.
Tom Barta continued his presentation. 
Career Opportunities
School systems prepare students for the work force and upscaling the population.The goal is to have 70% of the work force accredited  for post high school.  Johnson county is 63%.
Technology related skills help to educate the students.
There is a 1 year part time program or 2 years.  $1600 CNA, Health Care $1600.
During Covid-19 20%-30-% people are working from home.