Deb Galbraith, December Program Coordinator, introduced Mayor Bruce Teague our speaker for today.  Mayor Teague topic was Iowa City 2020.  He joined the City Council in 2018 and was elected Mayor January 2020.  He is a West High Graduate and earned his Bachelors Degree in Basic Psychology.
He has an associate degree in Nursing.  He has a business Caring Hands.  He is a member of the Rotary Club of Iowa City.
He missed the singing of Smile and Happy Bucks today.
President Amy called the meeting to order at 7:05 am.  Jack Cameron announced that he only needed three more volunteers for December 24th Gift Wrapping.  Any one interested please go to Sign Up Genius or email Jack.  Kate Sojka will pick up bags the Saturday before Christmas December 20, 2020.   Rotarian's in the News.  Dave Parson had an article.     Dan Gable received a medal at the White House.  He was a member of our club for a while.  He also was a Paul Harris Fellow.
Chris Knapp announced that Tom Cook had written a children's book, Lucky Feet.  He suggested that we use this book for our schools.  This book is an idea for next year.
This years elections are held today.  Please vote:  President Nominee:  Jenny Sayler, Joan Garrity, Tom Langenfeld.
Directors:  Please vote for three:   Teresa Burns, Margy Winkler, Karen Franklin, Greg Probst, Mark Stanley, and Alta Medea-Peters.
Moments of Joy:  Theresa Burns: She said that the 2020 year has been a tough year. She has felt the year has given her strength.  She has formed new Partnerships and stronger relationships. She appreciate family and friends.  She and her husband are seeking Guardianship of a 16 year old girl from Guatemala. 
President Amy announced that she has received two more Paul Harris Fellows for Kathy Burns and Cassie Elton.
Nancy Pacha announced that the West High World Affairs interviewing team, interviewed 12 applicants and ran
Past President Hazel Seaba said that she had received an email from Norlin Hinke the Grant for Bill Boards and Radio Spots on Human Trafficking has been approved by R. I.  He stated that this grant will reach more people and congratulated the club.
Deb Ockenfels announced that final delivery of 12 boxes of coats. 
Mayor Teague talked about the 7 points for Iowa City:  Promote inclusive economy, Strengthen Community engagement, and integrate relationships,
Advance Social Justice and Racial Equity, Demonstrate leadership in Climate Action, Enhance Community for all, Invest in Public Infrastructure,
and Fiscal Revenue, Foster Healthy Neighbors and Affordable Housing throughout the city.
He talked about Hearts of Kindness, taking care of people, giving food and providing P.P.E,   He talked about the importance of the Mayor Pro-Tem Mazahir Salih.  Mayor Bruce talked about the events that shaped our City.  June:  Black Lives Matter with the murder of George Floyd. The Listening Post at Mercer Park June 19, where individuals were able to express themselves. Derecho August 10th. . The land hurricane.Iowa City had 50,000 cubic feet of debris.  Cedar Rapids was so much worse.   Iowa City has Roots for Trees with 50% off  a tree. The Sough District neighbor developed a mural project.   Farmers Market was different this year with an on-line market.  The 2020 census went fairly well. The restaurants that closed and some had outdoor seating on Linn Street.  There are some small business grants.
The Results of the elections are:  Directors:  Thresa Burns ,Margy Winkler, Karin Franklin.  The President Nominee is :  Jenny Seylar
President Amy adjourned the meeting at 8:00 am with the 4-Way Test.