Deb Galbraith, December Program Coordinator, introduced Casey Cook for "What Jazzes you Up"  with Pat Schnack and new member Peggy Grimmer. Members of the club wore bath robes in honor of all the service that Pat has done through the years. Pat shared her love of teaching for over 25 years at West High, City High, and South East Junior High which ended up to be her favorite place to teach.  She enjoyed the junior high students. She felt that she was able to influence critical thinking with young students.  She talked about the influence of reading books on world war II and having an individual that had been in the war talk with the students.  The interesting thing was that the Japenese always told their soldiers to "Bring Honor to your Family".  Americans said " Come Home Safe" Pat will be leaving for Florida this weekend and hopes to attend the Zoom club meeting from Sunny Warm Florida. 
Peggy Grimmer to be continued in Story Content
President Amy called the meeting to order at 7:05 am.  Roger Christian announced that his mother who was 103 died on her birthday on Monday.
Joan Garity shared her "Moments of Joy"  She said that The Rotary Club of Iowa City AM is the Best Damn club in the world. She said she was thankful. for Zoom so that we stay connected each week with our weekly meetings.  She talked about the gratefulness for the The University of Iowa Cancer doctors Her husband John had a rare cancer that the doctors treated.  He is now cancer free.  Three things she is grateful for 1.  Zooming with grandchildren, 2. spending time with their dog 3.  Murphy the dog takes her to bed.
President Amy said that due statements will be coming out soon.  She wanted to make sure that all members understood the options available to all.  She does not want to loose any members during this difficult time.  There is the $90, $50, $25 Paul Harris option . 
PDG John Ockenfels said that the gift wrap was  lot slower than usual.  They collected $457 pus someone put $100. in so $557.  There have also been some members send in funds to Dean Carrington, Treasurer. 
PDG Herb and Janice Wilson announced that they would be getting the vaccine today.
Deb Galbraith ask our host Casey Cook What Jazzes you Up?  Energy Efficiency, Charity-Community Service, development of lane with energy efficiency, public service-University of Iowa, Giving Endowment, Rotary Past President and Master of Ceremony, Gold, and dancing.
Peggy Grimmer grew up in Milwaukee then moved two Denver.  She got her degree from the University of Marquettte.  Her family is two sisters and a brother.  After Covid began they moved her dad to live in with them.  A Hawaii trip was cancelled and Breckenridge.
After the vaccine she hopes that will be able to travel to some of the places that they missed this year.
Peggy and Pat met at The University Book Club.  Pat joined in 1957.  She shared two books that she felt all should read.  "The Soul of the Nation"  and "the Black Women History of the United States".
The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 am with the 4-Way Test.