Deb Galbraith, December Program Coordinator introduced Chuck Swanson, Executive Director of Hancher Performing Arts.
Chuck reflected on events in History that has shaped us all:  President Kennedy Assassination in Nov, 1963, 911, Sept. 11, 2001, Flood of 2008, and now Covid-19.  Chuck went on to talk about Alvin Alley.   Hancher  has created a webinar with the College of Public Health.  There were 400 participants in 43 states.  As Covid-19 hit, the Aug.-Dec. was cancelled. Jan.-March cancelled.  The rest we will see. 
President Amy called the meeting to order at 7:05 am.  Karin Franklin was the member that tells us "What Brings Joy to You?"  Karin said that friends and neighbors bring her joy.  She finds that Meals on Wheels brings her great joy.  Taking the meals to the residents and building relationships is very important to her.  Liz Nichols echoed the feelings, as she and Paul deliver Meals on Wheels as well.
President Amy talked about a great children's book that members want to buy for children.  It deals with the 4-Way test. Apple Dumpling Adventure by Andy and Elmers.
December 8 are the elections for President Nominee and two directors.   President Amy will be doing a poll that we will all be able to vote on . President Amy is in charge of the Cookie Project for Open Heartland..  Cookies are to be delivered between 9 and 3 on November 11.  Cookies can be delivered to Open Heartland, Mark Ruggeburg at the Brown Street Inn or to President Amy at 1344 Santa  Fe Drive. There is still a need for cookies.  If interested please let Amy know.  There have been 152 dozen committed at this time.
Jack Cameron said that only Liz Loeb is the only person signed up.    Kate Sojka had an idea for members to donate gift bags to speed up the process of wrapping.    She will be picking bags next week.  It was decided that November 8th we will make a decision if we will do the gift wrap or have another organization take the slot.
PDG Herb and Janice Wilson are moving to assisted living.   Peggy Doerge is sad there will be no chili supper and she will not gift wrap.  She is making a $50.00 contribution toward gift wrapping.
Casey Cook would like to have a robe meeting to honor Pat Schnack for all her service over the years. President Amy is thinking the last Tuesday when we have What Jazzes you up?   Amy will let us know.
Chuck continues his talk about his love for Hancher.  He also talked about he love for African Dancers.  The African Dancers began in 1739.
The Christmas Season bring Hancher First Santa.  Santa will be virtual with 25 kids per Zoom.  There will be 6 Zoom with Santa.
He talked about Hancher being illuminated in October.  The event brought around 400 people.
Chuck talked about how the Performing Arts bring people to together.  He talked about the Joffrey Ballet and other Ballet companies.
Hancher has been given 1.5 million until 2024.  Then they are on their own. 
Chuck and staff have come up with committees to work the plan, address, develop ticketing program .  Chuck has been with Hancher 35 years. He talked about all the joy he has had meeting and getting to know people.  He praised Herb and Janice Wilson for all there support over the years.
His parting thoughts were:  It is not what you say or do It is how you make people feel.
President Amy adjourned the meeting with the 4 Way Test.   Meeting adjourned at 8:00 am.