Thursday, November 12 (noon-1 p.m.)
No cost or need to pre-register -- click on the Zoom link to attend.
Via Zoom, refer to your email for the link!
11:45 a.m.          Zoom meeting opens
12:05 p.m.         Welcome (Opening remarks with introduction of University 
                           guests and service clubs) by Barb Thomas, President, Iowa
                           City Noon Rotary Club
12:20 p.m.         Speaker Introduction by Lynette Marshall, President & CEO, University of Iowa Center for Advancement, Member,
                          Iowa City Noon Rotary Club
12:25 p.m.         Keynote Speaker: Bruce Harreld, President, The University
                           of Iowa
12:55 p.m.        Closing Remarks by Barb Thomas, President, Iowa City
                         Noon Rotary Club