Sue Cronin introduced speaker Brett Erickson, who spoke about Faith Academy. Faith Academy is a private Christian school in Iowa City whose idea originated in 2013 out of the Parkview Church. Faith Academy's demographics include West African refuges and families from Chicago. Mr. Erickson's wife works at the school and their sons attend Faith Academy. Mr. Erickson stated Faith Academy tries to infuse hope in its students and to provide cross cultural experiences, including a past opportunity coding with a school in Egypt. The students day starts with chapel. Faith Academy seeks to be funded by the community--prior to ESAs (education savings accounts) being offered in Iowa, Faith Academy was 100% funded by the community and subsequent to ESAs, Faith Academy is 53% funded by the community. 
Fifty-three percent of Faith Academy's 4th graders read on grade level. The teacher child ratio is 1 to 15. The school provides bussing. Faith Academy has seven grades now and will be adding another grade next year. Faith Academy does not plan to offer high school. Faith Academy works to have students treat others as they want to be treated--"each other bears the image of God." In the next ten years, Faith Academy wants to double its enrollment by adding additional classrooms at each grade level. Ways to partner with Faith Academy include the following:  annual fundraising banquet, donate, volunteer, visit--every third Thursday of the month from 8:15 to 9:00 a.m. is an open house, and pray. Faith Academy is accredited with Christian Schools International. Parents pay a sliding scale tuition based on income. Full tuition is $9,000 for one year. 
Vernette Knapp opened the meeting for President Theresa Burns at 7:05 a.m. Nancy Pacha informed those members present that Oaknoll raised $2,400 with half going for local youth who attend Ryla Camp and World Affairs Seminar! The meeting adjourned at 8:00 a.m.